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    Name: Jo-Ann Delaney, MSE

    Title: Grade 6 Science Teacher

    Room Number: G14

    Phone Number: 717-531-2222 ext. 4014

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    TEAM Hurricanes!!!
    Team Hurricanesh
    Team Teachers: Mrs. Delaney-Science, Miss Hayman-Communication Arts, Mr. Ogle-Math & Mr. Jones-Social Studies.


    I'm glad that you are reading this and I would like to personally welcome you to M.S. Hershey Middle School!  I invite you to share in my excitement...my batteries are charged and I'm filled with new ideas and positive thoughts to make learning fun!
    Explore my webpage to find out about some of the unique and challenging opportunities students experience in Science class.  Click on the links to view pictures, audio, and video files of current and past 6th grade classes.



    The 6th grade science teachers are Mrs. Templeton, Mr. Warfel, and myself, Mrs. Delaney.


    We are excited about our new 6th grade Inquiry based science program which is driven by the PA State Science Standards & Anchors.


    We have carefully aligned our curriculum K-12 to avoid gaps and overlaps.


    Systems is the theme of the 6th grade program…this big idea allows students to see how changing 1 part affects the whole.


    Students will be encouraged everyday to step into the shoes of scientists and Do science!  Students will…
    Use scientific thinking processes
    Conduct controlled investigations
    Construct science understanding through observing, communicating, comparing, organizing and relating


    The 3 main areas of science instruction that will be focused on in 6th grade are: Nature of Science, Physical Science, and Life Science.

    The nature of science-using science process skills: Basic skills-observing, classifying, measuring, inferring, predicting, communicating, and using number relationships.  Integrated skills-making models, defining operationally, collecting data, interpreting data, identifying and controlling variables, hypothesizing, and experimenting.
    The scientific method provides an objective way to evaluate information to determine what is false. Astronomer, Carl Sagan, Ph.D., pointed out that, "Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of facts."


    The use of these skills will aid in the PA State Science assessment that students take in 8th grade, where by 50% of the test is on the nature of science and the remaining 50% on science content.


    Traits of a Scientist
    Students examine their perceptions of science and scientists and using the DAST-C identify any stereotypical traits present.  Students become aware of realistic traits of a scientist and as student scientists apply this new understanding during future investigations.


    Models & Designs
    Students will make multisensory observations of sealed black boxes to determine what is inside.  Goal: Students will look for relationships between structure & function of materials & systems.
    Students explore change within a system using a hands-on, minds-on approach to investigation.  These learning opportunities include:
    Exploring the behavior of pendulums

    Carrying capacity of cup boats and penny passengers

    Rubber-band planes that fly on a line and

    During these investigations, students will change 1 thing at a time and observe what happens.
    Students will investigate the kinds and numbers of objects in the cosmos, the composition of the objects, and the motions and interactions of the objects with one another to gain a better understanding of our planet and its role in the solar system.
    Levers & Pulleys 
    Students will explore fundamental concepts of simple machines relating to relationships between effort and work produced leading the world to becoming more technologically oriented.  Goal: Knowledge of these relationships is necessary for understanding all mechanics.

    Ecosystems: Bottle Biology
    Students using 3 2-liter soda bottles will construct a TerrAqua Column model to understand the interactions in the living world.  They will document the link between land and water biomes within this system.

    Resources: *Research based programs

    FOSS Full Option Science System through Lawrence Hall of Science

    STC Science and Technology for Children
    Students will be very excited about science class!