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    Room G04
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    • Please feel free to contact me at any point during the school year with concerns about your child. 
    • When you contact me, please let me know the number to call and the best time to reach you
    • In most cases, I can return your call you before school, between 9:45am  - 12:00 & after 2:45. 


    Team Monsoon Season
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    Description - Weeblies are very simple web pages that can be created and edited by all members of a group. 
    Students - you will find all of the core team homework listed here.  In addition, the web pages for your social studies, math com. arts, and science are linked to our weebly as well.
    Student Absence? - Find your Science Class information by going to the "Here's What's Going on in Science Class" link found at the top of the Moodle page.
    Parents - once you go to the Team Weebly link, you can save the page as a shortcut to your desktop by:
    • right-clicking on the page and
    • choosing "create a shortcut"
    Derry Moodle
    Derry Moodle
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    Description: Moodle is a course management system (CMS) which is a tool used by teachers to store course materials such as information sheets, assignments, and additional class resources.  The CMS allows students to access the materials from a class anywhere and at any time via the Internet.  The CMS used by teachers in the Derry Township School District is a program titled Moodle.  Students are provided a website link to each their teacher’s Moodle site along with instructions on how to log on to the site and any necessary password.  Moodle may also include links to other learning resources available on the Internet as well as areas within the site where students will be required to participate in electronic “chats” and interact with the teacher and classmates. Moodle is an important resource that provides teachers a means for sharing information about the course and is used extensively.
    Access Your Student Directory H-Drive
    Student Directory
    Student Directory H-Drive
    Link -   
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    1.    Open your web browser (ex. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox).

    2.    Enter the following web address in the Address Bar:  (this will only work from a location outside the district network)

     3.   Click “yes” when the security dialogue box pops up.

     4.   Log in using your normal Derry Township School District network username and password. If an information bar informs you that you need to install an Active X control to proceed, go ahead and install it.


    How to open a document in your home directory:

    Expand your student home directory folders (if necessary) and select the file you want to open.  Double click on the file and then elect “Open.”  The document will open and you can begin making edits.


    How to modify a document in your home directory:

    Once the document is open, make any necessary modifications or additions.  When you are finished working with the document, save the file locally to your home computer.  Next, select “Upload Files” and browse to your saved file on your home computer.  Once you have located the modified file, click “Upload.”  Your modified file will be uploaded to your district network drive.

    Check your child's
    Home Access Center
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    Description - Derry Townships School District's Home Access Center (HAC) allows parents to access their child’s report card grades (grades 6-12), discipline records, class assignment grades, attendance, and other general student information over the internet.To access the information on your child(ren) during the school year, log on to HAC with your individual username and password. (An individual login is provided to all parents/guardians recorded in our Student Information System.)  If you have any questions or need assistance with HAC, please contact the HAC Help Desk by emailing hachelp@hershey.k12.pa.us  

    Need a Resource?

    HMS Library Resources
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    Description - Our HMS Library has many online resources designed for middle level students.  If a password is required, try "go4it".