We would like to welcome you to Hershey High School's Gifted Support Services for the 2017-2018 school year. Please feel free to explore the various links at the left which provide information concerning upcoming academic events, activities and opportunities provided in our Gifted Support Program. New announcements are posted every month so check back for more opportunities.






     The Young Playwright Reading at the Allenberry 
    July 2017 
    Congratulations to Paige Beck for winning last year's Young Playwright Award.  Her play was read at the new Allenberry Resort in July.  So happy that the gang all showed up to support Hershey!!  
    The Hershey Brain Buster Team
    2017 -2018 
    September 2017
     Brain Busters
    Congratulations to Jonathan Haidet, Omer Qureshi, Jason Zaprazi and David Mailman for qualifying to be the new 2017 - 2018 Hershey Brain Buster Team. 
    They also won their first competition this past November 4, 2017.   
    Good luck in the coming year! 
    Alternates are Avi Luckacher, Taylor Koda, Tuan Bui, John Zhuan.  


    The Pennsylvania School Boards Association Conference 
    October 2017 
     A big 'thank you' and 'you're welcome' to Kyla Blazer and Vladimir Kellachow--Derry Township's Student School Board members--for representing Derry Township in the exhibit hall at the Hershey Lodge.  We had a booth to represent the National High School Memory Championships which will be held in Hershey this coming year! 



    33rd Annual Brossman Foundation and Ronald E. Frisbie Science Lectureship and Competition  
    First Place
    November 2017
     Cangratulations to Tuan Bui and Amy Wu for taking First Place in Millersville University's Brossman Science Competition.  

    Teams from over 20 school districts took the challenging examination covering science questions from geology, mathematics, biology, medicine, technology and other STEM fields. With questions posed by college professors from a number of departments, our Hershey High School teachers are to be commended in preparing our students for such challenges. Again, congratulation Tuan and Amy--you’ve made us Hershey proud !!

    The 2017-2018 Statewide Distinguished High School Student
    of the Year
    November 2017
    Congratulations to Paige Beck for winning this year's Distinguished High School Student. The award was presented by The Pennsylvania Association of Gifted Education. 


    The 2017 Statewide Get Smart Video Competition
    The Voice of Democracy
     January 2018
    Get Smart  
    Congratulations to Angie Bu for placing 2nd in the Pennsylvania Department of Health's 2017 Get Smart Video Competition. The top three winning videos will receive an award and will be published on the PA Department of Health's 'Get Smart' Youtube Channel to be enjoyed by a wider audience. Congratulations, Angie!!
    To see her work, check the following LINK
    Angie also took 2nd place in the regional Voice of Democracy essay competition. 


    World Affairs Council of Harrisburg's Poetry and Storytelling Festival & Competition
    2nd Place 
    January 2018
    Congratulations to Fatima Asghar for taking 2nd place in this year's World Affairs Council's Poetry and Storytelling Competition. As part of the competition, Fatima had the opportunity to read a selection of her play, Come Spring, to the attending members. Congratulations Fatima.


    The Hershey
    Poetry Out Loud & Shakespeare Competition
    January & February 2018
    Winners 2018  
    Congratulations to Daniela Farias for winning this year's Hershey Poetry Out Loud Competition.  Daniela represented Hershey High School at the Regional Competition at WITF held on February 1, 2018.  Martina Yee also was the musical entertainer for the Regional Competition.
    Also, congratulations to Alexander Winnick for taking first place in Hershey's  Shakespeare Competition.  Alex also took third place in the State Competition held at Saint Francis University in Loretto, Pennsylvania on February 17th, 2018. 
    Congratulations Alex!!
    The Scholastic Writing Awards for Hershey
    High School 
    Gold, Silver and Honorable Mention 2018
    National Gold Medalist for Dramatic Writing
    March & May 2018
    Congratulations to the following students for their writing submissions to the
    Scholastic Writing Awards: 
    Fatima Asghar - Dramatic Script - Come Spring
    Amy Wu - Personal Essay/Memoir - The Day of Sawdust Bones
    Smitha Ramesh - Flash Fiction  - The Boy in the Chair
    Alexandra Rapp - Critica Essay - The Unsung Heroes of Justice 
    Smitha Ramesh - Dramatic Script - The New Girl
    Angie Bu - Drawing and Illustration - Astronomical Inversion (Art)
    Angie Bu - Drawing and Illustration - Evanescent View (Art)
    And a very special congratulations goes out to Fatima Asghar who was named a National Gold Medalist for her dramatic script, Come Spring.


    Apollo Young Playwright Award 
    Honorable Mention 2018
    Congratulations to Fatima Asghar and Grabrelle Boyle for receiviing an Honorable Mention among the playwrights this year for The Apollo Young Playwright Award. 
    Congratulations to Alex Winnick for winning an Apollo Award for Best Actor in a play!


    First Tech Challenge 
    (Team Spark)
    First Place 2018
    Regional winners   

    Congratulations to Neo Zhou, and Jeff Shi, and their FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team, members of the TechFire FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team  Both TechSpark FTC team is community-based robotics teams in York, PA. 

    On Saturday, January 27th, TechSpark took part in the FTC South Central PA Regional Qualifier, a daylong robotics competition. TechSpark was part of the winning alliance, and advanced to the State Championship. TechSpark also won the Control Award (Neo’s and Jeff’s team’s role was programming). This qualifies the team to move onto The FTC State Championship will be held on Saturday, February 24th.

    After a pretty difficult state competition, the robotics team will be moving onto the next round of competition. 


    The Regional Brain Bee Competition
    First Place
    February & March 2018
    Brain Bee  Veda
    Congratulations to Veda Chanda for winning this year's Brain Bee held at the Hershey Medical Center on February 10, 2018.  Veda moved on to represent Pennsylvania at the National Brain Bee in Baltimore, Maryland where he placed 8th in the nation. 


    The USA Memory Team Championship
    March 2018
     Congratulations to the Hershey Memory Team for winning all Memory Events in this year's Team Competition. Also, Xuandi Yang of Hershey Middle School set new national records in team performance and one 'adult' national record in Names and Faces. Due to a special runoff for 'golden tickets' to MIT Cumberland Valley won the run-off for the overall Champion Trophy. 
    In July all top four scoring teams will meet again at MIT to face off with adult competitors and the unveiling of the traditional USA Memory Championship! 
    All of the teaching coaches are thrilled that an institution of higher education is finally taking notice of memory's role in learning!! 


    The 2018 Regional Business Challenge Competition
    2nd & 3rd Place
    November 2017
                       TEAM GASTRONAUT                      TEAM NOVAURA                
                     2nd PLACE WINNERS                   3RD PLACE WINNERS
    Congratulations to the Hershey Business Challenge Teams for taking Second AND Third place in this year's Business Challenge. This year's 'Shark Tank' finals which took place at Harrisburg University on April 24, 2018. 


    The Best & The Brightest
    PennLive Awards
    Congratulations to Fatima Asghar for being named Hershey's Representative among regional high school students in PennLive's Best & Brightest Awards. Fatima, along with all the region's candidates, will be featured in The Patriot-News' special education section on May 27th, 2018.  All of the candidates had their awards presented by Katie Shreckengast, Miss Pennsylvania from Palmyra!


    The WIREWorks Hershey Area Playhouse Readings
    "Taking a Stand" 
    Wireworks Show
    Congratulations to Fatima Asghar and Belle Boyle and all of the cast members of this year's WIREWorks presentation of "Taking a Stand" young female voices rising!
    The cast included Eman Asghar, Brianna Dean, Angie Bu, Diliana Farias, Alex Rapp and David Mailman. 
    With WIREWorks somewhat 'dorman't for two years save a small play here and there, the troupe will begin in earnest in the fall of 2018. 
    The Derry Township Memorial Day Essay Contest
    1st Place
    May 2018
    Congratulations to Amy Wu for taking 1st place in the Derry Township Memorial Day Essay Contest.  Amy will be reciting her essay at the Derry Township Recreation Center on Monday, May 28th @ 11:30.  


    The National Scholastic Awards in NYC
    Gold Medalist
    June 2018
    A final congratulations to Fatima Asghar and all of the people who made her trip to Carnegie Hall a success.  This event was not as simply as a gold or silver key. There is a whole artistic community that embraces our students. 
    Thank you Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards. 


    The 20th 
    USA Memory Championship 
    July 14, 2018
    Just when we were ready to kick back and call it a summer, MIT organized the 20th Anniversary USA Memory Competion. Only four high school students have been invited representing four schools.  The rest of the competitors are nationally recognized adult competitors.  With new events introduced and standards raised to almost inhuman levels, it looks like this is going to be a truly competitive event. 
    Tuan Bui will be representing Hershey High School with Grace Smith representing Cumberland Valley. Both students are representives from the original Pennsylvania Memory League which kept the memory competition alive since 2015. 

    Do you wish to be a doctor?

    Remember to look into a patient's eyes for the inspiration to try again.

    An artist or writer?

    It is what will give your work a heart.

    A philosopher?

    It will connect you with your soul.

    For all of those who fear being 'used' in this world, know that it is better to be used a little,

    than to be totally worthless. 

    Prepared by Colette Silvestri, Gifted Support Teacher 
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