• Community Service Opportunities
    *   Collect tabs for Ronald McDonald House
    Over the last five years the students in my classroom have collected  over 54,000 tabs.  These tabs are turned in for money for the house and its residents.  Help us by having a collection container in your home.  When it's full send it in.  Students estimate and count each and every tab before they are turned in.
    2008-09 Community Service
              4,446 tabs donated to Ronald McDonald 
              100 books donated to an early childhood
               center in San Diego, CA through
               Scholastic Books.  Our class read 100 to
               be able to have this donation be made.
               $5,000 donated in Jump Rope for Heart. 
               We were #1 in the grade level. 
    Students are reading 100 books as a class to be able to donate 100 books to an organization in need. The books will come from Scholastic Book Club. We reached 100 books but we are past the deadline to donate.  That's unfortunate but the children did a lot of reading.
    We counted 9,964 tabs and Lauryn delivered them to Ronald McDonald House.  Keep collecting those tabs.
    Tabs for Labs is another opportunity to help out those that train service dogs. 
    Items for Haiti were collected to assist Miss Rode's project class. We had 30 personal care items at the end of the collection period.
    Classrooms Care- Read 10 books a piece and Scholastic Book Club will donate 1 million books to those in need.  Deadline is December 17, 2010.  15
    students read 10 books each for a total of 150 books. Thank you for your hard work!
    Holiday cards were made for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Over 200 cards were delivered to our classroom to be mailed.
    Ronald McDonald House- The class collected 10,611 tabs. We counted each one and Katelyn, Baylee, and Carissa took a trip to Ronald McDonald House to drop them off.  Keep collecting. We'd like to do this again this year.
    2011-2012 In February the class counted 12,752 tabs which is an all time record.  Clare delivered them and picked up our certificate.  Keep collecting.
    2012-2013 Our tabs are almost ready to count.  If everyone brought in a handful we would meet our goal for 2012. Thank you Gia for bringing so many tabs.
    What's better cats or dogs? Encourage your children to read and record their minutes so that they will add to the amount of books donated to children in need.
    2013-2014  Waiting to be updated