• Weekly News
    (September 23-27)
    Reading:  Unit 1 week 3- See Mrs. Prestidge's website for details on the reading program.   
    Math:        Unit 11 Homework nightly except on Friday. (see assignment book)
                       Math Boxes are due everyday. Students are encouraged
                       to bring their Math Journal home each night. Math
                       Boxes can be done in school during the morning and free time.
                       If the student is behind the journal should go home.
                       Continue to practice Mult. and Div. facts. Finishing Rocket Math division is the goal
                       for fourth grade. 
                       First In Math- Who will be the Player of the Day? Just the Facts works on fact
                       Please encourage your child to play. Usernames and passwords will go home soon.
                       Also, the Everyday Math site is not only fun, but helpful.
    Spelling-  Unit 1 week 3 long e words.  Test is on Friday. Remember to use Spelling City to
    Social Studies: We are done until the spring.                         
    Science: The Water Cycle started.  Everyday the students will be working in
                    groups to complete experiments.
    Are you having a birthday party for your child? Please mail the invitations. They can not be handed out in school.  We don't want hurt feelings for those not invited.
    Classroom Needs: Donations of items for the store would be appreciated. Please view the
    class store page. We need indiviually wrapped candy. Small toys, school supplies, and
    trinkets enjoyed by children would be great.
    Thank you for the donations recieved.
    Special Activities: