• Reading Street
       §  Fun games andinteractive materials to go along with our weekly story.  Students can pracitce vocabulary, grammar skills or reading skills.
               §  Students havepasswords and usernames 

     Everyday Math
       §  Explore fungames, practice your facts, Student Reference Book online, useful and fun information.
       §  Students willreceive a user name and password in class, but are able to access it from homefor extra practice.
     First in Math
       §  Challenginglogic problems for the students to earn points! 
       §  Students have apassword and user name


    Spelling City
       §  Great way topractice spelling words with games.  To access the list, go to the story we are working on for that week.
    Kid Blogs
       §  Great way to extend the students thinkiing and connect them to other students.  Students will be answering questions relating to our curriculum each week.  Check it out and make some comments!
    4th Grade Wiki
             §  Fun games andwebsites to explore!  Great for practicing and sharpening skills!
    Check out these cool links for extra practice and fun!  Enjoy!