Math Web Sites
    www.em-ccss.everydaymathonline.com -Everyday Math information
    http://www.learningplanet.com/act/mayhem/index.asp - Race against your friends with this fun game!
    http://pbskids.org/cyberchase/games.html - FUN games requiring reasoning and logic.
    http://www.funbrain.com/ - Interactive math games to practice multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction facts!
    http://www.aplusmath.com/ - Flashcards, games, worksheets, and homework helper!
    http://www.multiplication.com/interactive_games.htm - Fun interactive computer games and internet games.  Practice your multiplication facts with these exciting games!
    http://www.center.k12.mo.us/edtech/edm/5.htm - Interactive games that correspond with each unit and lesson for Everyday Math.

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