• Parent Information



    I would like to share some information about our classroom and my expectations.  Please review the information below with your child.  My goal is to ensure that all students receive the best possible education here in fifth grade! 



          Students will be expected to complete various projects and assignments throughout the school year.  I expect students to be prepared with assignments when they are due.  When an assignment is not completed and handed in on time, the student will have to sign the Homework Book and fill out a paper for missing assignments.  This paper will require a parent signature and will be placed in your child’s Take Home Folder to be signed and returned the following day.  Missed assignments should be handed in the next day.  Homework is a very important way to reinforce the skills learned in class during the school day and is also an important tool for teaching responsibility to our students.



                Learning how to be responsible is an important part of becoming a successful student when transitioning to the middle school.  Organizing time wisely and planning ahead are skills that we will work on during the school year.  A student planner (assignment book) will be used daily to record assignments, projects, reminders, etc.  Each night this planner will be going home with your child as a reminder of what assignments are due the following day and in the future.  Please read the assignment book each evening and review these assignments with your child.  A parent signature is required each night and will be checked daily.  Any questions or comments can be written in your child’s assignment book, as I will check for signatures each morning.  This is a great way to keep open communication at all times.  



                Please check your child's binder each night.  Tests and quizzes will be sent home for you to review.  Important papers that require signatures or other information should be returned to the school as soon as possible.  It's important for students to keep this binder organized and neat.  Reminding them to clean out the papers each night will assist in doing so.  



                Students are expected to be respectful of their classmates, teacher, and school property.  In addition, their attitudes can often influence their motivation and dedication to schoolwork.  Listed below are the classroom rules that will help our room stay positive and on task. 

    ü       Listen carefully

    ü       Follow all directions the first time they are given

    ü       Work quietly and stay focused

    ü       Be kind to others

    ü       Respect your classmates, teacher, and school property

    ü       Complete assignments on time

    ü       Always do your best!

              We seem to go through tissues very fast!  If you would like to donate a box of tissues to our classroom, that would be great!  Allergies and cold seasons keep us busy with runny noses.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your generosity!