Class News





    ·         We assess our basic math facts through a program called Rocket Math.  These facts are essential for the entire year. Flash cards are a great way to review. Timed tests are taken every week.

    ·         We will be using the 4th Edition of Everyday Math this year.  We will complete units 1 and 2 in the first trimester.  We will focus on area, volume, standard multiplication of multi digit numbers, and long division.   

    ·         We have math homework called Home Links.

    ·          Students will receive a log in and password for ConnectEd to access our math materials online (and games!). Please encourage your child to explore the website and have fun!


    Communication Arts

    ·         We will be using our reading program, Reading Street, to learn about overcoming challenges in Unit 1. We will also use this program to learn conventions, spelling, and writing.

    ·         Spelling tests include correct use of spelling patterns and high frequency words.  Proper conventions are expected in the dictation section. 

    ·         Please encourage your child to read each night!


    ·      We will begin the school year with a unit about mixtures and solutions.