• Behavior Plan

    To promote a positive environment, where each child grows academically, as well as socially, the following rules, rewards, and consequences have been established:

    Classroom Rules:    

    1.  Follow directions the first time they are given.

    2.  Respect yourself, others and the school.

    3.  Come to class prepared.


    Appropriate behavior will be rewarded as follows:

    1.   Frequent positive comments/feedback

    2.  Small rewards (stickers, added privileges)

    3.  Happy notes and/or calls home

    4.  Whole class rewards  (extra recess, movie time, etc...)

    5.  Tickets distributed daily (see below)


    * Two types of tickets will be distributed.
    • As part of our Positive School Wide Behavior Incentive Plan, Hershey Pass tickets will be distributed for displaying appropriate behavior, completing homework, having assignment book signed and at other times as determined by Mrs. Wood. Every ten tickets can be turned in for a punch on a punch card.  Once a month students can use their punches to earn rewards and possibly be recognized at an assembly. 
    • Auction tickets will be given for exceptional behavior.  An auction will be held at the end of the year.   Donations of gently used items , (such as toys, books and stuffed animals) would be greatly appreciated. A collection of donated items will begin in mid-May.                               


    If a child chooses to break a rule, the following consequences will occur:

    1.  Verbal warning

    2.  Loss of tickets

    3. Note home to parents - to be signed by a parent and returned the following school day

    4. Call to parents 

    5.  Severe inappropriate behavior will immediately result in a visit with the principal.