• Welcome to the Hershey Middle School Counseling Office

    Counselors are an integral part of the school community. We provide activities to meet the needs of students, consult with teachers, staff, and parents to enhance their effectiveness in helping students, and provide support to other middle school educational programs.  We assist students in the development of lifelong skills needed to develop character, to cope with life's challenges, and to build cohesive relationships. 

    TBD- Counselor for 8th Grade, Team Jupiter (7A), and Team Raya (7C) last names A-K
    Telephone:  717-531-2222 extension 4207
    Keith Allen Saylor  - Counselor for 6th Grade, Team Olympus (7B), and Team Raya (7C) last names L-Z
    Telephone:  717-531-2222 extension 4208
    Email:  ksaylor@hershey.k12.pa.us
    Patti Lear - Secretary for the School Counseling Office 
    Telephone: 717-531-2222 extension 4205
    Email:  plear@hershey.k12.pa.us