• Sportsmanship Awards are given to any athlete who displays good sportsmanship.  It is all about attitude!  We give out after every meet.  Coaches, line leaders, meet officials,  or  captains can nominate someone that exemplifies sportsmanship.  You can get a sportsmanship award by filling a need, helping out another athlete, shaking hands!  Anyone can get a sportsmanship award!
    "Good Sportsmanship and a strong heart are what makes us the true champions we always dreamed of being."
    Who will be first in 2019?

    Kiva Fitterer

    Katelyn Guzman

    Jameson Stanley

    Nick Scorza

    Daniel Painter

    AJ Slamans

    Nathan Lee

    Jordan Perlakowski

    Aleesa Habecker

    Melissa Voyles

    Patrick Scheib

    Hannah Bliss

    Pieter Verbeek

    Lydia Zarefoss

    Finnian Sieg

    Grant Zimmerman

    Emma Zitko

    Julia Zakovich

    Manny Dideo

    Alex Scorza

    Luke McCorkel

    Brooke Lehrman