• Sportsmanship Awards are given to any athlete who displays good sportsmanship.  It is all about attitude!  We give out after every meet.  Coaches, line leaders, meet officials,  or  captains can nominate someone that exemplifies sportsmanship.  You can get a sportsmanship award by filling a need, helping out another athlete, shaking hands!  Anyone can get a sportsmanship award!
    Sportsmanship Awards: 
    Samantha Andrews
    Tori Tafuto
    Alex Lin
    Eliza Demko 
    Chris Taylor
    Emma Zitko
    Maivy Dang
    Kailee Long
    Talon Smith 
    Morgan Zagaceta
    Jamie Larkin
    Katrina Kulasinsky 
    Jake Watson
    Emily Massage
    Charlie Holte
    Lukas Stokes
    AJ Abeleda
    Nathan Nielson
    Scott Heng
    Julia Zakovitch
    Billy Crouse
    Karleigh McLeod 
    Thank you for all your help, cooperation, and shows of sportsmanship throughout the season.You are either ready to lead next year at middle school or moving on to the high school!  Continue your winning ways!