• Technology

    In Social Studies we will use many different types of technology, some that you bring to class and some that will be provided for you. There are expectations with the technology.

    • Follow the instructions on the Team Twister site to join Edmodo, our virtual class space. 
    • The classroom expectations for using devices will be posted. This is in additional to the AUP which you are asked to sign at the beginning of the school year. 
    • Any intentional damage to the technology will be written up as vandalism and be submitted to the office. If you notice something wrong, let Ms. Butler know right away


    Edmodo Parent Presentation
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    This presentation was created for another school district using Edmodo, but it still provides valuable examples and comparisons of use for Edmodo.

    If you already have a Smartphone or an iPod Touch there are some apps that can help students. There are many options, these are just some suggestions. Having a stylus and ear buds will also make tasks easier.