• Edmodo
    Here is some information about Edmodo
        - Students WILL NOT BE posting a picture of themselves.
        - All messages and posts are private and can only be seen by myself and those in the class.
        -I see EVERYTHING that students post (including direct messages to each other). This will keep all topics related to communication arts.
        -You can have a passcode that will allow you to view what is being posted (and send messages to your child, if you wish).

    The website will allow students to ask each other questions and give help with different areas of instruction.
    Directions for students to sign up
    1. Go to the website: http://www.edmodo.com/
    2. Click on "I'm a student"
    3. Enter the group code
                1st period: 0pvzs0
                2nd period:szy80e
                6th period: 9us2ex
                7th period: s9kjho
    4. Create a username and password (use Derry Township username and password)
    5. An e-mail is not required.

    Parent Access
    View the attachment for information on how to make a parent login.