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    Hershey HS's Gifted Services at a Glance

    The goal of the Hershey High School Gifted Support Program is to establish a truly innovative and effective program that can serve high school gifted students. It is important to remember, however, that a gifted program might not be the right choice for all gifted students.  Some students might find the activities a hindrance to personal goals and in some cases, a strain on their schedules and overall grade point averages.  Compared to structured gifted classes in the elementary or middle school 'classes' or 'group' instruction, high school gifted students are free to choose what services they feel serve their goals and needs. This ensures a truly individualized education plan.


    It is hoped that the school year will see the successful development of a truly innovative and effective gifted program at the Hershey High School.


    College & Career Planning involving resume & portfolio development in preparation for college and the workforce.

    Independent Study that will meet the student’s long-term interests & expertise in a particular field of endeavor.  Students will be provided opportunities to participate in a collaborative, integrative and individual works.

    Academic Competitions and Scholastic Events that provide competitive or 'real life' opportunities are encouraged.  In this manner, ALL of Hershey's students may have the opportunity to participate, train and compete for scholarships, awards or portfolio opportunities. 

    Intellectual Property Information that inform students about the copyright & trademark process.  In the event a student develops a viable product or work, it is important that they learn how to protect that work.

    Mentorships, Apprenticeships, Internships and Field Experiences designed to meet the students’ performance and career goals.

    Philosophy & Objectives of this program 

    To Promote interest and understanding of gifted learning so that students may achieve learning goals...

    To Stimulate and Accelerate Learning...

    The Hershey High School Gifted Program hopes to provide opportunities to understand and develop artistic, scientific and technological skills in the general community.  Such skills would be public/corporate presentations, product development, strategic planning and research in areas which suit the needs of the student.

    To Promote Responsible Citizenship and Community Skills...

    Since our region is at the threshold of a new direction in technology, education and  community development, it is hoped that participants learn community stewardship and effective use of regional  assets.

    To Provide Leadership Experience...

    The program promotes the philosophy that young people should be part of a region’s development and planning process. It is also hoped that they are treated as peers rather than observing students.  Student will also be encouraged to develop “networking skills” without fear of their age or social status. This not only builds self-esteem, but helps them to “be at home” in any setting while developing skills that they will utilize as  future leaders.

    To Enhance and/or Evolve Beyond Present Education Standards...

    In light of the pace of technological advances and their impact in all fields of endeavor, portions of traditional curriculum in our education system may be obsolete. The group, as a whole, will explore these changes together.  We will also explore how technology and innovative ideas are affecting general concepts in art, medicine, business and education.

    The Program also hopes to address the fact that, due to technological advances, the very “experience” of traditional learning has changed.  Students are more informed and realize the impact of their life decisions in the international community. 

    It is also understood that a school’s traditional assessment of an accelerated student may not truly reflect the character, performance, and/or potential of a student, whose talents may have placed him/her beyond standards of learning measurement.  It is for this reason that we encourage students to  attempt various skills, explore learning passions or participate in other opportunities in order to identify and assist them into finding their way towards their life goals.