Grading Policy

    Adding up all the points you receive and dividing by the total points possible will determine your grade. Points will be given as follows:

    ·Tests 70-100 points per test

    ·Quizzes 10-60 points per quiz

    ·Classwork 1-20 points per activity

    ·Homework 5 points per assignment

    Tests will be given at the end of each unit and there will be 3 tests per marking period. Quizzes will be given approximately halfway throughout each chapter. The homework will be randomly checked and graded for completeness. I will want to see your work and that you have attempted all problems. Be sure to do your homework everyday since it is extremely important to reinforce and practice what you have learned in class. Homework is also an easy way to get points. Classwork will include participation, on-task group work, problem solving activities, and projects.


    You will need to have a separate three ring binder for math. It should include sections for:

    ·Class notes

    ·Homework assignments

    ·Quizzes and tests

    Make-Up Work

    Absence is not an excuse for not having notes or homework. If you are absent, you are required to obtain the notes and make-up any homework you missed. In the case of missed quizzes and tests, you will need to make up these within one week in order to receive credit. It is your responsibility to schedule any make-up work with me.

    Classroom Expectations:

    • Always come to class prepared. I expect you to have a pencil, paper, homework, notebook and text with you every day. You may also bring your calculator if you have one.
    • Come to class prepared to get to work as soon as the bell rings. We will often have warm up problems to do at the start of class.Your quizzes will often be based on these warm-up problems so they are important for your success in this class.
    • Always respect everyone else in this classroom.
    • Always ask questions if you do not understand something!! If you are still confused, come for extra help. Do not let yourself fall behind in math!
    • All school rules will be obeyed in this classroom.

    Extra Help

    I will be available for extra help before homeroom and after school with appointment. I can also make other arrangements if necessary. I can also be reached by phone at 531-2244 X1220 if you need to contact me outside of class.

    Working together, I know that we can have a successful year in math. The key to doing well is to do your homework each night, ask questions, and do not fall behind. I am willing to help you, so please do not be afraid to ask.

    Course Content

    The textbook used in this course is College Preparatory Mathematics 2 (Geometry), Second Edition, Hoey, Wootton, (2002).

    The course is broken into the twelve major units listed below:

    Perimeter, Area, Graphing, & Equations

    Beginning Proofs

    Problem Solving and Geometry Fundamentals

    Spatial Visualization

    Congruence and Triangles

    Writing Proofs



    Polygons, Area, and Proofs

    Circles and Solids

    Geometric Probability

    3D and Circles