• Hershey High School
    Internship Program
    Students have the opportunity to qualify for a Regional Employability Certificate in this internship program if they meet the following criteria for one year prior to their internship:
    • Character--the student must have no history of repeated discipline problems and must exhibit the ability to work well with others
    • Attendance--The student must demonstrate responsible attendance; a maximum of 10 nonconsecutive days absent during the school year.  Extended absences will be excused by a doctor's note.
    • Academic Achievement--The student must achieve a 70 percent current GPA and no failing classes
    • Educator Evaluation Forms--The student must obtain two favorable evaluation forms completed by educators
    How will it Benefit the the Employer?
    • Declares the student has received an initial screening within his/her school and should be strongly considered for an interview.
    • Indicates the student is a promising employee who is reliable, dependable and capable of being an effective team player.
    How will it Benefit the Student?
    • Will be strongly considered for an interview as a result of earning the Certificate
    • Will be considered as having additional skills by local employers during the job application process
    • Will develop stronger critical workplace skills while in school and on the job
    • Will be better prepared to market themselves in the future, during postsecondary education and training and in the workforce
    • Will have a better understanding of what employers expect and why they expect it.