• Hello Jungle Room Parents:

    Jungle Room kindergarten students  are working on mastering the following skills by the end of the month of October. You can help your child reach our benchmark goals by doing these activities at home!
     First Sound Fluency:
    Say this:  " Joey, I am going to say a word.  You tell me the first sound in that word". 
                   "Pumpkin.  What is the first sound?   Yes, /p/ is the first sound in pumpkin.  Do not allow the child to say the letter name, only its sound.
    Continue with the following words:  Halloween                   Costume
                                                             Monster                       Houses
                                                             Moon                           Dark
                                                             Candy                          Parade
    Letter Naming Fluency:
    Write these upper and lowercase letters on a paper:  mfpctsdl 
    Your child should be able to name 62 letters in one minute. Practice this skill until your child automatically names each letter correctly.
    Segmenting Words into Sounds
    Begin with a 2 sound word such as : in, it, an, am. Break apart the sounds like this "in" i-n.
    Then, do 3 sound words such as: cat, touch, that, cheat, vine, etc.]