Entering art class / Attendance


    1.    Please place books on the shelf and then bring a pencil and your iPad to the table.

    2.    The first student at table is responsible for getting portfolios out for entire table.

    3.    Then look for written directions on board or monitor.

    4.    Next wait in your seat for teacher directions unless you are in the middle of a project and you know what to work on.



    Bathroom, Lesson, or Appointment sign-out procedure


    1.    If using the restroom please wait (unless it is an emergency) until after the teacher has given directions or demonstration for the class.

    2.    Sign your name, destination, and time on the Sign Out sheet.

    3.     Upon return to class sign time of return on the sheet.


    Clean-up procedure


    1.    As a table team, return all supplies to designated area in order.

    2.    As a table team, toss trash and clean table.

    3.     Put artwork in portfolio and portfolio neatly in designated shelf.