• Wireless Options at DTSD
    We currently have two Physical wireless networks at DTSD:  Cisco and Ruckus. Within these two networks, we provide three SSID’s (Service Set Identification);  (also known as logical wireless networks)  SSID’S meet the IEEE 802.11 standards set for wireless communication protocols that will uniquely identify any given wireless network.

    We have three different (SSID’S) Wireless networks users may see when on our campus.  
       1.    DTSD (Secured)
       2.    TRAINING1 (Unsecured)
       3.    BYOD the latter (Unsecured)

    Our main SSID is DTSD secured wireless. This network requires a network login credential authentication to gain access. This network will provide access for staff and students to district provided network resources such as printing, network storage, email, departmental resources saved and shared on the DTSD network.

    The Training1 wireless network and BYOD wireless networks are open unsecured networks, which do not require authentication, but do prompt all uses to agree to and sign an Acceptable Use agreement. BYOD wireless network will be seen at the High School, and Training1 wireless network will be seen in the Middle School and Elementary buildings.

    The purpose for these unsecured wireless networks would be to provide access for those who Bring Your Own technology/Devices to our campus and are granted access to our internet connection. These SSID’S only provide internet access for guests and non-district owned devices. No other network resources are available from these unsecured wireless networks. These networks also have a scaled down bandwidth to limit the amount of data that can be uploaded or downloaded to and from the third party devices. This scaling is done to ensure the major portion of our network bandwidth to the internet is available to District staff and students for accomplishing assignments and classwork assignments.

    Third party devices include: Smartphones, iPods, tablet devices, and laptops that staff and students may bring on campus in accordance with district Acceptable Use Policy 815.1 for technology use during the school day.