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    Questions and Answers:

    Q:  I am having a technical problem and need assistance, what is the best way to contact the IT Department.
    A:  Putting in a work order is the best way to contact the IT Department.  As soon as the work order is submitted an email is sent to the technician for your building.  To submit a work order please click here
    Q: How do I change my network password?
    A: Navigate to the district website.  Select Email at the top of the page and login.  Then you will want to click options in the upper right-hand-corner of the Outlook Web, then click change password.

    Q:  I am not able to search emails using Outlook 2011
    A:  We have deployed a fix for this in self-service.  Please launch self-service, then click on Utilities on the right hand side of the page.  Click Install below the “Run the Outlook Search Fix”.  Please note that this can take up to two hours to re-index all of your files.