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  • 2018 - Stuff to know!

    Posted by Kathi Kammerer on 1/26/2018 10:00:00 AM

    Gonna be a banner year, I can tell!

    As you may know already, the weight room has been moved to the old team room so that Cocoa Packs has more storage.  Doesn't really affect us too much, but it does!

    Boys - On days that Girls' Volleyball has their games, the AWAY team will take over your locker room!  So you will need to change quickly, get your stuff out of there and bring upstairs with you.  I plan on finding a safe area to store you stuff.  If you need to change after practice, you will have to use the bathrooms.  Sorry, I can't do anything about it. 

    Also, no more lockers for storage! Cocoa packs took that over too.  I'm working on it!  Just have to find a safe area that we can get into readily.  I'll bug Frank and the guys and they will help with a solution! 

    Captains & boy lineleaders will have to make sure the locker rooms are cleared the days that Girls Volleyball has home games.  I think we can manage! 


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  • Hurdles

    Posted by Kathy Kammerer on 3/16/2017

    PIAA put hurdles back in our line up in 2004.  It is very difficult to teach on a cinder track and they are many injuries.  Hurdles will be set up on the grass to prevent injuries.   You will train on 5 hurdles.  Five for girls and five for boys.  Why?  The distances are different!  From the start to the first hurdle is 45 feet.  For boys, the next 9 hurdles are 30 feet apart.  For girls, they are 27'11" apart.  The boys hurdles are 2 inches higher than the girls. In a meet, the girls go first, then the boys.  Between girls and boys, the hurdles will be moved (Mr. Dailey knows - I always forget which way) and the hurdles need to be raised from the bottom 2" up for the boys. The long distance team basically runs in and does this, but if you aren't competing at the time, you will be expected to help out.


    Okay, learning hurdles is done on the grass, and there is a technique!  I will let everyone try.  This year we have a few returning hurdlers that will practice on their own instead of doing other events.  It's a RUN.....not a jump!  

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  • What are time trials?

    Posted by Kathy Kammerer on 3/11/2016
    Time trial are trials on the different events.  Trials are when you are timed or measured. Every athlete will be timed in the 100 and the 400.  The coaches need to know who is capable of running the events.  Remember your Order of Events?  You think you want to run the 4x100, but you might be our fastest 400 runner.  Well, you cannot do back to back events because you will not have enough "recovery" time.  Recovery time is necessary to oxygenate your muscles to run again.  You can deprive them.  So, coaches will determine who does which events.  The relays are already determined by attendance.  We cannot have athletes in a relay if they come late or just don't come to practice no matter how fast they might be.  This season, I will focus on a second 2x100 teams and use them to fill in.    For field events, we actually measure shot put and discus. We will also measure long jump.....high jump, it depends. We will announce when we will have trials and which events.  Long distance will only trial one event a day.  We don't trial hurdles.  Learning hurdles is difficult enough.  For the first meet, I will put in returnees.  I will put many in exhibitions to get a time.   You will not have an opportunity to hurdle all 10 hurdles unless we go to the high school.  When we go to the high school on Tuesday, I will be checking who can complete 10 hurdles.  One run through should do it.
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  • How do meets run?

    Posted by Kathy Kammerer on 3/10/2016
    First we will get equipment out to the track.  Bring your backpacks and stuff because you leave with your parents!  All equipment should be stored in one area at the finish line.  Throwers will help carry concession stand stuff to the concession stand.  Then go to the middle of the track and start your warm ups.  Captains and line leaders are in the middle with the team circled around them.  You do the same warm up we do every day.  Then you do your dynamic drills.  You should be organized, loud, and confident.  Then you can do whatever yell or psyching out you want....usually the team will decide.  Coaches have nothing to do with it, but it must be appropriate!!!
    Meets are like games.  One team will run against another team.  We have a 6 lane track to use.  We will have 3 people run and so does the other school.  The captains will meet with the track official.  He wears an orange shirt or jacket and he will start the races.  So captains will go over and listen to the sportsmanship speech.  Then the official will flip a coin and the winner will decide which lanes he wants.  Captain will then go tell the hurdlers which lanes they are in.  The next race, different lanes.  The official will remind you when you are in which lanes.  This goes on the entire time.  Now not all races are run in lanes.  The 1600 and the 800 are not run in lanes and they don't use starting blocks.  Sprints are run in lanes and sprinters use starting blocks.  The 4x400 can "cut in".  If you are the first runner, you better know where you can cut in at.  It's okay to ask the official if you are not sure!  
    There is often a field judge too.  He oversees the jumps and throws.  He will determine "opening height" at high jump.  It will be lower at the start of the season.  Once we get to championship, it will be set usually like 4' 0" for girls and 4'6" for boys.  But that can change!  At throws, I've seen officials check discus.  If there are nicks or cuts in a discus, he may not allow you to use.  
    Track events and field events are going on all at the same time.  It can be confusing.  You should know the order of events and you MUST know your events.  Scoring is 5 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, and 1 point for 3rd.  Tri-meets are different.  More about that later in the season.  We need 51 points to win.  You have to win relays to get any point.  Nothing for 2nd!
    If you need to leave before a meet is over, say goodbye to your coach!   Remember the jump coach may not know you if you run long distance! No, we will not be able to go tell your coach!  Parents can take you from a HOME meet after your event.  No sign out necessary at HOME meets.
    Meets are fun!  A couple of tips:  Don't pig out before a race, and if you have to throw the turf!  It happens!  If you have to go to the bathroom, just go....and go before you race!  You don't have to ask permission.  Coaches are not monitoring you every second!  Just do the right thing!!!! 
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  • How can I improve?

    Posted by Kathy Kammerer on 3/8/2016
    I had this question four times today at the meet.  Everyone can improve.  It takes work, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and practice.  Keep on working on the skills to do your event.  Improve your technique.  If you are running the 100, 200, 400 you will have to break down each segment and work on it.  Work on the start, work on the finish, work on the acceleration.  For distance runners, it is about building endurance.  The 400 runners need more miles.  You don't want to hear it, but its true.  We are weak on certain events.  We need more girl long distance runners.  We will not even be able to run a 4x800 relay at championship!!!  
    Relays have to continue to work on handoffs.  The times came down a lot, but now we have to find another guy for the 4x100.  The 4x400 is the same as the 400.  We need more endurance.  
    Jumps and throws - more core training for the throwers.  I've got a couple of ideas!  Jumps need practice.  Run throughs until you can't stand it anymore!  
    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be easy.  Drink a lot of water, eat breakfast, eat healthy snacks during the day, and get plenty of rest.  The one concern for coaches and trainers are the overuse injuries.  Monitor your activity!   For example:  Sometimes kids will try to run a 5K and then we might have a meet the next day.  Yeah, that won't work!  If you are in a soccer or lacrosse tournament over a weekend, tell a coach.  We can lighten your practice for a day or two.  Coaches want to prepare you so you are peaking at the right time.  Ask questions.  Coaches ask each other about different things all the time. Also, recovery time is so so important.  Once we get into the busy weeks, coaches will suggest doing very little over a weekend.  Your muscles need rest.  Daily rest definitely, but also for a longer period of time.  Also, when you aren't feeling well, running is not the best idea!  Getting rundown and tired, is your bodies way of telling you to s l o w   d o w n!  
    Okay, I might need a reminder or two. 
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  • Away Meets!

    Posted by Kathy Kammerer on 3/7/2016
    Away meets are fun, and only a few things are different!  Throwers & jumpers must remember their equipment to the meet and from the meet.  At Lower Dauphin, we will put all equipment right near the 100 start line - we will take a med kit and ice packs for you.  
    Lower Dauphin is very windy.  You are getting a breeze from the highway and from it whipping down the lane.  Make sure that if it is cold, you pack what you need to make you comfortable.  Hoodies, gloves, hats are okay!  You might have to take off for your event, but you will be able to put back on and get warm.  Remember to stretch before your event.  If it is cold, your muscles will tighten up and you won't be able to perform at your best! 
    So first thing, take a look around and notice where your events are.  Throwers: At LD, discus is outside the gate left of the concession stand and restrooms.  But, shot put is up by the 200 start line.  Jumpers - High Jump is near the long distance start in the track.  Long jump is along side the 100 line behind the bleachers!  High Jump and long jump will be going on at the same time for boys and girls.  You will be doing a lot of back and forth and it is totally confusing.  Coach Mylin will go over this with you, and if she forgets, bug her!  
    Do your warm up routine as you always do.  Don't worry about attendance.  You must know your Order of Events.  Please review for those of you going to the 200 right after the were way off!   
    Lower Dauphin is tough on uniforms and will call us on it.  We have to check the relay teams.  It probably won't be the same official.  Also, it is really cold at this track.  Bring an extra hooded sweatshirt.  
    Also, for AWAY meets you can leave after your event once your PARENT signs you out.  Each coach will have a sign out sheet.  If you want to go home with another person other than a PARENT or GUARDIAN, your parent needs to e-mail me permission by 1:00 the day of the meet.  
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  • First Day Stuff

    Posted by Kathy Kammerer on 2/1/2016
    We start Monday, March 12 from 2:35 to 4:30.  When you come you should be wearing warm ups!  If chilly, bring gloves and a hat.  We will go out. You must wear sweatpants and sweatshirt.  Yes, girls can wear yoga pants.  The point of the pants is to keep your muscles warm and so they won't tear - the muscles!  Most injuries will happen in the cold especially in the first couple of weeks.  This is NOT negotiable.  If you show up without, you will sit out.  Also, bring a water bottle with your name on it.  Make sure you are drinking during the day!  Go to the locker room and change.  Come up to the cafeteria area with everything.  If you need a snack, bring it!  You can eat while I talk! Do NOT eat in the locker room!  
    First thing we will do is get our group pictures for the yearbook.  Then, coaches will introduce themselves.  We will go over inside rules for "whole group".  Lineleaders willbe introduced  and get attendance.  We will also have a Q & A for new athletes.  It's our way of checking how prepared you are.  There will be treats.  The returning athletes will probably earn all the treats because they know the drill! Start learning your order of events located on the schedule page.
    We will go practice at the cinder track.  First come warm ups and then dynamic drills.  Your lineleaders will take attendance at the school and then lead the stretches and drills.  The drills are difficult, and you will not be used to them at first.  You will learn.  If you filled out your google.doc, you will be placed in the group that you want to try.  If you didn't, you will go with long distance the first day; 2nd day, throws; 3rd day sprints; and 4th day, jumps.  
    Any questions, e-mail me.
    Coach K 
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  • How do I sign up?

    Posted by Kathy Kammerer on 12/1/2015
    How do I sign up? Sign up by picking up the forms.  They are online on this page.    If you never did a sport, you will need to do the FIRST TIME athlete.  If you did a sport, print  the RECERTIFICATION.  Once you get a physical or have mom sign the recertification, turn into the office or to me. Once the Athletic Trainer clears you and lets me know, I will send you a google.doc. 
    The google.doc is designed for placement.  It is VERY important that you fill this out.  I know that returning athletes may want to focus on an event or even design his own program. Coaches will work together to score points, so will definitely take your ideas into consideration.  If you don't tell us, we don't know.  For 2nd year athletes, it will tell us who is willing to accept responsibilities.  If you don't volunteer, we will not force you to do anything. For new athletes who don't know events, just tell us what you are willing to try. All coaches will use this as a way to get to know you too!
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  • Lineleaders and Captains!

    Posted by Kathy Kammerer on 1/1/2015
    You have to "volunteer" to do the duties of line leaders.  It is open to RETURNING athletes.  It includes doing the warm ups and dynamic drills along with taking attendance.  You sign up for this duty when you fill out the google.doc I sent you.  I hand pick the line leaders also on who I can trust and get along with.  Captains are NOT line leaders.  For that job we look at athletes that are polite, respectful, and someone we will take to every meet, invitational, and championships.  Coaches chose their own captains.  We have to have "speaking" captains and those captains have to be able to make decisions before the meet and be able to talk to the referees and other coaches.  Coaches are not allowed to do that during a meet.  When you get in high school at the big meets, you will learn that coaches are not even allowed in the field!  
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