• Hershey Middle School Track & Field Team
    Athlete Character
    Showing pride in your team and yourself by: 
    • Doing what is right even when the coach isn't watching or listening
    • Being respectful of all athletes, spectators, officials, coaches, equipment and tracks.
    • Seeing a need and helping to resolve it.
    • Knowing and participating like you are a star but never saying it.
    Athletic Etiquette
    Showing pride in your team and yourself by: 
    • Knowing the expectations of the practice and doing just that. 
    • Knowing how to behave in and around the track
    • Knowing how to behave at meets with the officials, other athletes and coaches.
    • Showing school spirit for your team while cheering and giving praise and positive helpful pointers. 
    Any action that will belittle, berate, bully, or  embarrass another athlete, a coach, a spectator,  or an official will have a consequence.  Behaviors  include swearing, name calling, and any derogatory remark that is hurtful to another person.  This will also cover bus rides, practices, meets and whenever the team is together.   
    Consequences will range from running, informing a parent, informing school officials, writing a letter of apology,  disqualification, and suspension from the team.