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    GRADE/RM:   5/59




    Allergy Aware Classroom Snack List for 2017-2018

    Text Box: GENERAL

                 Please only purchase Brand Names listed.                                       


    Food MUST come in the original factory sealed box/bag packaging


    Classroom Snacks - for in-class snacks


    Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, and Froot Loops -Kellogg’s

    Cheerios -Regular, Apple Cinnamon, and Fruity Flavor -General Mills


    Cereal Bars

    Fruit and Grain Cereal Bars –all fruit flavors- Giant Brand

    Nutrigrain Bar -Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, Cherry, Mixed Berry and Strawberry – Kellogg’s


    Cheeze Its-Sunshine

    Gold Fish-Regular, Cheddar, Colored, Pretzel-

    Pepperidge Farm

    Triscuits-Nabisco, Giant brand

    Wheat Thins

    Graham Crackers -Regular, Cinnamon, Honeymaid, Sticks-Nabisco

    Teddy Grahams-Regular, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon, mini-Nabisco


    Cold Foods


    Cheese Sticks/Shapes, Laughing Cow cheese

    Hummus – Sabra, Tribe, Cedar’s original/traditional (contains chickpeas and sesame seeds)



    Fruit and Vegetables   


    Apple Sauce





    Craisins (small packs – all flavors)



    Oranges, Tangerines, Clementines


    Peppers – green, red, yellow,


    Raisins (Regular) (Sun Maid)


    Watermelon – packaged only

    Melon – cantaloupe, honey dew - packaged only



    Popcorn-Smartfood White Cheddar-Frito-Lay, Skinny Pop

    Microwave popcorn – Pop Secret Natural Light, Jolly Time

    PopCorners – all varieties

    Mini-bagels – Thomas’, Lender’s, and Pepperidge Farm original/whole wheat



    Pretzels/Corn Chips

    Cheese Dip and Pretzels or Sticks-Keebler

    Rold Gold, Gibble’s, Snyder’s, Utz

    Stick Pretzels-Bachman, individual boxes

    Tortilla Chips – Tostitos, Utz White Corn regular or baked (not Nacho Cheese flavored)

    Chex Mix – Traditional and Cheese


    Party Items – only for Class Parties – includes items on both pages



    Apple Juice                                                           Lemonade

    Capri Sun                                                               Milk - White and Chocolate

    Fruit Punch                                                          Orange Juice-NOT SunnyD or Sunny Delight juices

    Kool Aid                                                                 Root Beer (Great for Root beer floats)



    Dum Dum Lollipops - Spangler’s

    Hershey Chocolate Candy Bar - Regular

    Hershey Kisses - Plain only

    Jolly Ranchers

    Life Saver Gummies

    Life Savers

    Lollipops -Charms Blow Pops, Tootsie Roll 

                     Company may contain dairy/soy 

    Marshmallows-Jet Puffed Mini, Giant brand

    Peeps -Just Born Brand  (some contain dairy)



    Starbursts Fruit Chews

    Swedish Fish

    Sweet Tarts

    Tootsie Rolls

    Twizzlers (contain wheat)



    Cheetos-Frito-Lay                                                                                       Lays

    Corn Chips-Fritos                                                                                Sun-Multigrain and Harvest Wheat

    Doritos-Nacho and Cool Ranch                                                      Utz

    Chips-Apple-red delicious, Golden delicious, or granny smith flavors- Tastee



    Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip Cookies-original, chewy, chunky-Nabisco

    Fig Newton’s-Regular and Fat Free-Nabisco

    Nature’s Bakery Stone Ground Fig bars – all varieties

    Lofthouse – bakery items (peanut/tree nut free)

    Nilla Wafers-Regular-Nabisco

    Oreos-Regular, Double Stuff, Golden and mini-Nabisco                                                               

    Rice Krispies-Regular-Kellogg’s

    Vienna Fingers-Keebler

    Wafers –Vanilla-Keebler


    Seasonal Candy (Holidays)

    Do not purchase bulk bags of mixed candy

    Candy Canes –Spangler brand only

    Conversation hearts – SweetTart brand only

    Jellybeans -Life Savers-Wrigley’s Jr.





    Ice Cream Cups - Choc./Vanilla-Giant Brand, not Guaranteed Value brand

    Philly Swirls - all ice cream products

    Italian Ice - Luigis

    Popsicle brand - frozen fruit flavors

    Ice Cream- Vanilla-Turkey Hill and Giant Brand, not Guaranteed Value brand



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