•  TO:   The Parents of Room 59   

     FROM:  Page Kozak, RN                                 

                  Certified School Nurse

     RE:  Food Allergy Notice

                 This letter is to let you know that your child’s classroom will be “Allergy Aware” this year.  While we want to keep all children safe at school, we must be very aware of our students with life-threatening food allergies and food brought into the classroom.  If these children are accidentally exposed to their food allergen they could have the following: hives, swelling of lips and/or difficulty breathing.  We want to minimize the risk and not have an accidental exposure that could lead to a life-threatening reaction.

    Listed below are procedures that must be followed for snacks and classroom parties in these particular classrooms.

     1.  Please only purchase safe food items listed on attached sheet.  These have been pre-approved by your class’ food allergy parents. Food should be brand-specific and MUST come in the original factory sealed box/bag packaging.

     2.  Homemade baked goods or store bought baked goods are NOT allowed (for example:  cakes, cupcakes, donuts or cookies).  Cross-contamination is the issue.

     3.  All food is to be brought to the Nurses’ Office, including the products on the attached Approved Snack List.  Ingredients can change - even on products that have been previously approved. The nurses read the labels and determine if a food item is safe to take into the classroom. Students and parents should bring their food items to the Nurses’ Office before taking them into the classroom

     4.  Craft projects must be Peanut and Tree Nut FREE.

     Thank you for helping us keep our students with food allergies safe.  If you have any questions or concerns please call 508-2287.

     Looking forward to a healthy year!

     Page Kozak, RN

     Reminder: Please Adhere to the Approved Snack List for All Food Items Brought into Class.