Derry Township's special education related service providers and
    education consultants welcome you!
    We all provide extra support to your child and the IEP team.  Our related services staff includes our speech and language pathologists.   Occupational Therapists use purposeful activities to develop or restore functional skills.  The field of OT is broad and involves training in anatomy and physiology, human development across the life span, physical and developmental disabilities, psychiatric and social/emotional disorders, and intervention for children and adults.  In the school setting, OT is a related service to support an Individualized Education Plan or 504 Plan for a student with a medical condition that impacts school performance.
    Speech and Language Pathologists are specially trained professionals that hold at least a Master's degree.  Our Speech and Language Pathologists assist school-age children, who have communication disorders, when that disorder adversely affects a child's educational performance.  They work to ensure student success throughout the school environment in classrooms, small group settings, and in social interactions.
    Our behavioral and educational consultants work to support the IEP team in a variety of ways.  Special Education Consultants provide assistance to both special education and regular education teachers with curriculum and instruction practices for students currently receiving special education services.   Additional support is provided to teachers and assistance with differentiating instruction, inclusive practices, and writing and implementation of IEPs.  The Special Education Consultants assist with the coordination of K-12 special education programs in order to support best practices and ensure program fidelity.