YS  Herb Schmidt Relays will be  held at York Suburban High School on Friday, April 21, 2017.  The team will be dismissed at 1:25 and departs at 1:40. This invitational will also be attended by our high schoolers, so it is a great opportunity to see the team in action, get to know the coaches, and see what is ahead!  The following events are included:  Coed Shuttle hurdles, HJ, LJ, SP, D, 4x800.  There will also be boys 4x1 & 4x4 and Girls 4x1 and 4x4. To be selected to the invitational, you must be passing all subjects and work needs to be turned in. You also must be in the top of the your event. We will not take anyone with any behavioral issues either in school or on the team. The meet is usually not over until after 9:00 and won't arrive in Hershey until after 10:00. Parents can certainly attend and take their athlete home by signing them out with a coach. The link to the general information is below.
    Invited Athletes:
    Shuttle Hurdles:  Maivy, Adrienne, Billy & Charley 
    4x100:  Katana, Jamie, Lauren, Jordyn          Ethan, Billy, Scottie, J'Air
    4x400:  Emily, Lexie, Tori, Claire          Ethan, Aiden, Scottie, J'Air 
    4x800:  Aiden, Talon, Claire, Katie 
    Long Jump:   Maivy & Caleb
    High Jump:  Morgan & Eric
    Shot Put:  Andy & Kailee
    Discus:  Andy & Kailee