Room 22's Handbook   

       Welcome to first grade and Room 22! I am looking forward to having a great year with you and your child. The following information is about our classroom and special activities. Please take time to review this information so that we can work as a team to set your child up for success this school year. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached by telephone at 717-531-2211 ext. 6022. During school hours the phone system will direct your call to my voicemail. I can also be reached by email: dslatt@hershey.k12.pa.us.
       First grade is a very important year in your child’s life. My goal as a teacher is to ensure that they have a successful year academically, emotionally, and socially in our classroom.

    Items Needed for School

    ·      headphones for personal use on the iPad (can be earbuds or regular headphones)

    ·      book bag

    ·      pencil box

    ·      box of tissues, baby wipes, or clorox wipes to share with the classroom (optional)

    ·      supplies sent home by the first grade team

    Please make sure your child’s name is on their book bag, lunch box, and jackets. It makes it much easier when items get lost. If other items are needed throughout the year I will place a note in the newsletter. Thank you in advance for all of your support and donations. 


    School begins at 8:30am. Children who walk or drive to school should arrive near 8:30am. Students are not permitted in the classroom before 8:30am. If your child arrives after 8:40am, a tardy pass must be obtained from the office.        

    If your child must be dismissed from school prior to the 3:37pm dismissal time, please send a note with your child that morning and I will make sure it gets to the office. All early dismissals must be handled from the office. It is necessary for you to sign your child out and the secretary will call for them at that time.

    If your child is going to be absent from school, please call the Absentee Line and report your child’s absence at 717-533-1815. A written excuse will need to accompany your child when they return to school.

    If at any time during the year your child is to go home with a friend, or be picked up by someone else, please put it in writing. This is for your child’s safety and we are not allowed to send a child home from their normal transportation without written permission from you.



    All adults that plan on going on field trips or visiting the classroom for parties must have their clearances. Clearances must be updated every few years. For any clearance related questions please contact the school office.



    Breakfast will be available daily for $2.25. This year lunch will cost $3.10 including a milk. If your child packs lunch and wants to purchase a milk it will cost $0.65. Please participate in the Snap card system as it eliminates the need for children to carry money.

    Parents and family members are welcome to join their child for lunch. You may bring your own packed lunch or purchase one from the school. To make sure you get a seat please be sure to call the office prior to 10:00am the day you are coming in so a spot can be reserved and a lunch made if needed. **Please refrain from coming in the first few weeks of school so that routines can be set. A letter will be sent home specifying the exact date parents are able to start coming in for lunch.


    Every other week I will send home a class newsletter. The newsletter will inform you of what your child will be learning in each subject area. It will also include any special notes from me or items we may need in the classroom. In addition to the newsletter, I will send home a calendar each month that outlines what special we will have each day as well as any class events.

    Classroom Management

    I will be using class Dojo daily to not only help manage behavior, but also to post pictures of what we are doing in the classroom. A letter will be sent home with a special code for you to sign up for the free program so that you can see your child’s progress as well as our class story. Through this program your child will be assigned an avatar that can accrue points for positive behavior. Your child can also lose points for unexpected behaviors. As the parent, you are able to see each day what kind of points your child gained or lost. Every 25 points that your child accrues allows them to cash in for a visit to the prize drawer. In addition to Class Dojo, I use a whole class reward system. Through this Teacher-Student point system the students get a chance to pick a reward they would like as a whole class like (PJ day, stuffed animal day, extra recess, etc.) I will send home a letter if any of the class selected rewards requires your child to wear or bring something into school.

    Star Student

    Each week a child will be selected to be the star student. A poster will be sent home with your child the week prior for them to fill out about themselves. Please return the poster on the following Monday for it to be displayed in the classroom. I will send home a piece of paper with the poster stating the date it is due. During each day that your child is star student they can bring in one item for show and tell. This item must fit in your child’s backpack. They can then share that item with the class. This is a great way for us to learn about each other’s families. On the final day that they are star student (usually on a Friday) they will share their poster and the class will make them a special book.


    We love to celebrate birthdays in Room 22! Here are some ways to help us celebrate your child’s special day:

    1.   Send in a small non-edible treat such as, pencils, erasers, stickers, etc. **Please do not send in edible treats, they will not be accepted.

    2.   Come eat lunch with your child on their special day. You must call the office prior to 10am the day you plan on coming in to lunch so that a seat can be reserved for you. Please refrain from coming into lunch during the first two weeks of school so that routines can be established in the lunch room. Our scheduled lunch time is from 12:05-12:30.

    3.   Also, on your child’s special day I will give them a birthday gift and birthday crown to wear around the school. If your child has a summer birthday we will celebrate it in the last few weeks of school.

    If you are planning a birthday party for your child outside of school, please mail the invitations to your child’s classmates, as we must be mindful of the feelings of those who have not been invited.  When invitations are presented to only a few in school, the others are hurt by the exclusion.  Thank you for your cooperation and support. 

    Book Orders

    Each month I will send home Scholastic book flyers. This is a great inexpensive way to build your own library at home and also helps our class earn free books. If you would like to purchase any books from the flyers you may send in a check with the book order (payable to the appropriate book club) or go online to Scholastic.com/readingclub and place an order through our class using the code Q77F6. Due dates for each month will be on the monthly calendar.


    Homework not only reinforces skills that have been taught in the classroom, but it also helps to develop routine and responsibility for your child. Your child will have a “homework folder” provided by me this year. Please look for this folder each night and have your child return it to school the next day. It will contain homework and any papers from the school. Homework throughout the school year should take no longer than 10 to 15 minutes to complete each night. Once your child completes their homework please place it in their folder for me to check the next day.    



    Thank you so much for reading over the classroom guidelines. Please contact me with any questions. I am looking forward to an amazing year with your child.

    Miss Slatt