Lost and Damaged Books 

    • Please help your student learn to be a responsible library patron by reminding them to return books when they are due. If a student forgets to return their book(s) by the due date, they are not permitted to check out more books until the overdue book(s) are returned.
      When a student misplaces or loses a book, please let the library know. If the book is lost, the student and parent/guardian are asked to pay for the cost of replacing the book.  
    • Occasionally books are returned to the library in a damaged condition.  It is important that books are kept in a safe place at home away from young children and pets, food and drinks. Many library books are damaged when water bottles carried in backpacks leak. Please have your student carry their water bottle in an outside pocket of their backpack. The student and parents/guardians are responsible for payment to cover the cost of replacing a damaged book that can no longer be used in the library.
    • Please let us know when you notice loose or torn pages in a book.  This is normal wear and tear, but if repaired promptly, the book can continue to be used.