• Lunch & Snacks 


    The children will be eating lunch in the Early Childhood cafeteria, located down the hall from the office. Please refrain from visiting during the first two weeks of school while we establish routines. After that time, if you wish to eat lunch with your child, please call ahead to reserve your seat.  The office and cafeteria personnel will accept your call/lunch order until 10:00a.m. Upon arrival, please  sign in and obtain a visitor’s pass.

    Students can buy an individual lunch with milk. Menus may be viewed on the district website. Please participate in the Snap Card system, as it eliminates the need for children to handle money. Milk can be purchased for those students packing a lunch.

    Snack Time~9:45a.m.

    About SNACK-Every morning there will be an opportunity for your child to enjoy a snack. If you would like your child to have snack, please send one with him/her each day.