• (All fluency practice stories are taken from the Read Naturally fluency program)
    Story #1
    Bears are big animals.  They have big heads.  They have big feet.  Bears are very strong animals.  They have short legs.  They can kill a man with one hit.  Bears have little ears.  They have little eyes.  They do not see well.  Bears have long fur.  A grizzly bear has brown fur.  A polar bear has white fur.  A black bear has black fur.  Cubs are baby bears.
                                           Story #2
                                 The Bus
    A bus takes us places.  A bus is long.  It has many windows.  It has many seats.  We can ride the bus to town.  We can ride the bus to work.  We can ride the bus to work.  We can ride the bus to a new city.  We can ride the bus to see friends.  We pay to ride the bus.  Boys and girls ride the bus to school.  Where do you want to go?  You can ride a bus.  You can ride with a friend.
    Story #3
    Apples grow on trees.  The trees can grow on an apple farm.  The trees can grow in a yard too.  We pick apples off the trees.  We pick apples when they are ripe.  Some apples are green.  Some apples are red.  Some apples are yellow.  Apples are good to eat.  We eat them in cakes.  We eat them in pies.  We drink apple juice.  Apples are good for you.
    Story #4
    We need food to live.  Farms give us food.  Apples and oranges grow on farms too.  Some animals give us food.  Some of these animals live on farms.  Cows live on farms.  They give us meat and milk.  Chickens live on farms.  They give us meat and eggs.  Cats and dogs live on farms too.  Some farm animals live in barns.  Barns are houses for animals.
    Story #5
    Fish live in the water.  They breathe in the water.  They swim in the water.  They Fish can hear sounds made in boats.  All fish do not look the same.  Some fish look like rocks.  Some fish look like worms.  Some fish look like stars.  You can catch a fish.  You can eat a fish.  You can have a fish for a pet.
    Story #6
    People like to ride in boats.  Boats go in the water.  A lot of things make boats go.  Wind makes boats go.  These boats have sails.  These boats go fast in a big wind.  A motor makes boats go.  Motorboats can go fast.   People make boats go.  They row with two oars.  It is work to row a boat.  It is fun too.  Do you like boats?
    Story #7
    Horses are big animals.  They have long lets.  Horses have short ears.  They can hear well.  Horses have big eyes.  They can see well.  Horses have flat teeth.  They do not eat meat.  They eat hay and grass.  They eat sugar cubes and apples too.  Horses can do a lot of things.  Work horses pull big loads.  Race horses run fast.  Show horses look pretty.  Horses are fun ride.
    Story #8
    Colors are pretty.  They are fun to see.  They make things look good.  Red makes apples look good to eat.  Blue makes the sky look pretty.  Yellow makes the sun look bright.  You can make all the colors from red, yellow and blue.  Red and yellow make orange.  A school bus is orange.  Yellow and blue make green.  Grass is green.  Blue and red make purple.  Flowers can be purple.  Colors make the rainbow.
    Story #9
    People wear hats on their heads.  Some people wear hats to keep them warm.  Warm hats can be made of fur.  Some people wear hats in the sun.  Sun hats can be made of straw.  Some people wear hats at work.  Work hats keep them safe.  Some people wear hats to be funny.  Clowns wear hats to make us laugh.  Some people wear hats to look good.  Do you look good in a hat?
    Story #10
    Trees are big plants.  Trees need water.  They need air.  They need sun too.  Trees are good for us.  Trees give us fruit.  Apples grow on trees.  Trees give us wood.  We make homes from wood.  Trees give us shade.  Shade keeps us cool.  Trees can be homes for animals.  Birds make their nests in trees.  Some squirrels live in trees too.  Trees are fun to climb.
    Story #11
    az05.jpg - Arizona Sky
    Clouds are in the sky.  Some clouds are white.  Some clouds are gray.  Some clouds are black.  Clouds are made of water.  Rain falls from clouds.  Snow falls from clouds too.  Rain and snow fall from gray and black clouds.  You can see shapes in the clouds.  A cloud can look like a bear.  A cloud can look like a boat.  A cloud can look like a bus.  It is fun to look at clouds.
    Story #12
    The Moon
    The moon is big.  It is far away.  It is in the sky.  Some men went to the moon.  The men saw rocks.  The rocks were gray and brown.  Some rocks were little.  The men did not see plants.  The men did not see water.  There was no air on the moon.  There was no wind on the moon.  You can see the moon at night.
    Story #13
    The Zoo
    Some wild animals live in the zoo.  They live in the zoo so people can see them.  Some bears live in the zoo.  Some fish live in the zoo.  Some birds live in the zoo.  People take care of the zoo animals.  People feed them.  People clean them.  People make them well.  We go to the zoo to see the animals.  We like to see them eat.  We like to see them play.
    Story #14
    The Airport
    An airport is a place for airplanes.  Airplanes land there.  Airplanes take off there.  An airport has runways.  Runways are roads for airplanes.  Airplanes land on runways.  Airplanes take off on runways.  People go to the airport to take a trip.  People can eat at the airport.  People can shop at the airport.  An airport has a lot of noise.  Airplanes make the noise.  They make noise when they land.  They make noise when they take off.
    Story #15
    Rain comes from clouds.  Clouds are made from little drops of water.  The little drops join to make big drops.  The drops get bigger.  The drops get so big the clouds cannot hold them.  The drops fall down from the sky.  We can see the rain.  We can hear the rain.  We can feel the rain.  We need rain.  Rain helps trees grow.  Rain helps plants grow.  Rain is good for us.
    Story #16
    Some animals make good pets.  Dogs and cats make good pets.  Birds and fish make good pets.  Rabbits and hamsters make good pets too.  Boys and girls like to have pets.  They like to play with a pet.  They like to take care of a pet.  It is hard work to take care of a pet.  Pets need food.  Pets need water.  Some pets need to go outside.  All pets need love.