• second grade informationFirst Grade Information
    Welcome to an exciting year in first grade! I have put together some information for parents/guardians that I hope will be helpful.
    Communication   Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns throughout the year. You may do this through a handwritten note, voice mail or e-mail message.  Communication between home and school is vital to your child's success in school, so please keep in touch.  Thank you.
    Absences/Tardy   Please send in an excuse each time your child is absent.  If your child arrives after 8:50 please have them report to the office for a tardy slip before he/she enters the classroom.
    Transportation Changes   The office must have any changes for bus or walker requests in writing.  Parents must meet their child in the office.  All students are released from the office only.
    Homework Folders   Each child will receive a Hershey Elementary folder on the first day of school.  This folder should stay in your child's book bag.  We will fill it at school with homework or notes from school.  Please have your child check their folder each night for homework or notes from school.  Children should place their completed homework and any notes from home in their folder to bring back to school.  Please make sure you have your child involved in this process.  It will help to build skills of independence.  Thank you.
    Homework   Children in room 32 will have a bit of homework most school nights.  Our homework is meant to reinforce skills taught in the classroom.  For other homework ideas, please look at the home support page on this web site.
    Birthday Treats  Birthdays are special and classroom treats are welcome.  Most children like to share their birthday treat at snack time.  If your child is having party outside of school, please mail invitations to your child's friends.  I realize that it may be unreasonable to include the entire classroom, and I want  to protect the feelings of those that may not be invited.  Thank you.