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       August 28, 2017

    Weekly Specials                                                

    Day 1: Computer                                                       

    Day 2: Gym (sneakers)                                    

    Day 3: Library (return books)                                   

    Day 4:  Music

    Day 5: Gym (sneakers) 

    Day 6: Art

    First Week

        This week will be a time of getting to know each other, developing class policies and learning our class routines. As in previous years CHAMPS, Cocoa Principles and Second Step will be used as well as the students learning "The 7 Habits of Happy Kids." These are ways your child will learn  beneficial life habits that will enable them to become leaders.  We also will be reading, writing and doing math.  

          This week will also be a time of assessments.  DIBELS will evaluate your child's current fluency.  The 4 Sight Reading and Math tests will provide a base line to show your child's progress.   None of these assessments will effect your child's grades (no need to worry or study) but will help us better understand their level of performance.

        Since we have a late lunch (12:45) I will provide safe, working snacks that students will be able to eat as they continue to work.  After this week, if your child would like to bring a working snack, he/she may do so.  10:00 is our usual snack time but we do keep working as the children noble their snack.

        I am so looking forward to sharing this year with your child.  I know we will learn a lot, make many new friends and have fun, too.