Homework  Assignments homework

         Most weeks the work will be:
    • Monday: Reading Street on-line (RS) Vocabulary Activities found on Day 1.   Students may enjoy the Grammar Jammers.
    • Monday-Friday: Spelling:    spellingcity or practice   Tests will be given on Fridays in the WIN groups.
    • Monday-Thursday   Math: Use Reflex until students gets a green light. Math HomeLinks which your child should complete with you and return to school the next day (unless different directions are given in your child's assignment book.) 
    • At least 5 Days a Week:  Read 15 minutes September-December. In January they are to read 20 minutes.  

       Please try to check your child's homework folder and assignment book every night to be sure he/she has completed the work and will return it the next day.  It's also a great time to talk to your child about the day.     

       Computer work may not always be assigned in the assignment book but when time allows, please encourage your child to use the on-line websites as listed on the paper which has all your student's passwords and needed information.  This paper will be sent home when the passwords have been assigned for all the websites third grade uses.  These provide a variety of ways to learn what we are currently studying in reading, spelling, and math. 
       If ever there is a time when you and your child do not understand an assignment please sign that paper and write on it "Did not understand" and return it. That way I know you did attempt to complete it.  As you know, Math Homelinks are meant to be completed at home with an adult so please discuss and explain work your child doesn't understand and be sure to go over the finished paper together.
        I realize your child may be involved in activities outside of school but the homework assigned is truly practice for what we are learning.  There will be NO "busy" work but work that is relevant to learning.  Your child should not spend more than 30 minutes completing homework nightly.  Thank you for your help as you encourage and become involved with your child's homework!  
        At the beginning of school I sent home a folder that is to stay at home and be a place where your child may keep all work or resource papers such as the Homelink Parent Letter(which has the answers to each Homelink in that unit) and spelling lists.  That way your child will always know where his/her work or papers are.