• Backpack/Book Bag      backpack
          It's important that your child has a backpack/book bag that is large enough so that all important papers come home neatly.  Students will not need a binder of any kind.  Many times they want these but they make their backpack/book bag so heavy and are not used in school.  If your child really wants one-please keep it at home and perhaps your child could use it as a place to keep certain papers that are sent home -  for example, the weekly spelling list and the HomeLink Family Letter pages since they contain all the answers to the upcoming HomeLinks for that chapter.                                                                                                                                       
    Supplies         supplies  
          This year the district again is asking parents to provide a variety of supplies for their students to bring to school.  The list has been sent home with the letter informing you of your child's class assignment.                       
         Throughout the year, I may be requesting additional boxes of tissues.  That was a major, on-going need last year especially during flu and allergy seasons.  Also, if you haven't already purchased all the items requested-please do not buy glue sticks or #2 pencils.  If you have, that's fine but I do have plenty of those from last year.  I provide students with mechanical pencils and would really appreciate #0.07 lead for them, if possible.  Thank you for you help.