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    Special Events in Our Classroom
         Because each student is valued  Room 12 celebrates everyone's birthday.  If your child would like to bring in a nutritious, healthy snack or non-edible treat that would be fine.  If you'd rather not send in anything that is fine also.  We will sing and celebrate your child's special day.
            If your child has a summer birthday, we can celebrate it as a half birthday or whenever your child would like.
             Super Kid        
       Every full week of school (five school days) a Super Kid will be chosen.  That student will bring home a poster and information papers to complete over the week-end.  Please return the poster with photos if possible (photos will be returned) and Super Kid papers on Monday since we will be making a Super Kid bulletin board in our hall and a Super Kid Book for your child to keep.  On the Friday of that week it will be "Super Kid's Special Day."  Your child may bring in any special items for him/her to share on this special day, such as cds to share his/her favorite music and/or a pet.  Please contact me if you will be bringing a pet on that Friday.
       Our class will have four parties throughout the year.  There will be a fall, winter, spring party and a final year-end celebration.  Sign-ups for these events will be at Back to School Night.  The room parents will organize these events and will contact those interested and able to help.  Parents that attend the parties must have their clearances and a school badge and must be there to help  in some way.
    Field Trip
        Field trip chaperones usually are chosen as needed.  Please know that you must have your Derry Township school badge to be eligible to serve as a chaperone--that means you have all your clearances turned in and have been approved for such activities.  As always we care about our children and work diligently to keep them safe at all times. We know you share that love and concern.   The Amish House and Farm will be our destination and the field trip is usually taken in May.  More information will come as the time nears and the date is set.