• Room 29 Behavior

    It’s very important for students to realize, as they get older, they will be accountable for their actions on many different levels. 

    This is why we have three levels of behavior management in room 29.


    Whole Group

    As a classroom, we will decide on a reward for filling the marble jar.  Once the reward is established, we can begin filling the jar.  Marbles will be added for things like; compliments from other teachers, no cards pulled for the day, good behavior in the halls, etc.  When the jar is filled, we get our class reward!



    Students are seated in teams of 4 or 5.  Every other week, there is a new team captain who is responsible for tracking team points.  Points are earned when teams work together to complete tasks efficiently.  Every other Friday, points are calculated and the winning team gets to eat lunch in the classroom with Mrs. Ehrhorn.


    I use a system called Class Dojo, which is an online tracking system for behavior.  Students earn Dojo's for positive behaviors, and likewise, they can lose Dojo's for negative behaviors.  Once they have reached 25 Dojo's, they may then pick from a menu of agreed upon rewards.  On Fridays, your child's Dojo report will be emailed to you, indicating the areas where they eanred Dojo's, and areas where they lost Dojo's.