• Homework

    • The only homework given on a regular basis is math Homelinks.  Homelinks help reinforce concepts and skills that are being taught in the classroom, and they allow students extra practice on these skills.
    • Spelling lists are also sent home on Mondays.  Included with the lists will be suggestions for how you can best help your child prepare for the test on Friday.  So, while there is no spelling homework that needs to be returned to school, please help your child by reviewing these words at home throughout the week.

    Monday: Read and spell words aloud


    Tuesday: Write words on an index card


    Wednesday: Alphabetize the index cards


    Thursday: Practice spelling test

    • Success with reading fluency and comprehension relies heavily on exposure to books, inside and outside of the classroom.  Please have your child read to you at least 20 minutes every night!  
    • Rocket Math studying should occur each night.  Please spend no more than 5 minutes studying your child's current level.