Community Task Force Members"As parents, staff and community, we will cultivate an extraordinary learning environment that expands the minds and nurtures success for every member of the school community."
    - Derry Township School District Strategic Plan 

    In 2007, the Derry Township School District adopted a new strategic plan for creating an extraordinary learning environment.  Learning is optimal when students feel safe and secure, so the district has placed an emphasis on providing a safe and positive school climate. By addressing social issues such as bullying, the district believes it can also impact student truancy and reduce substance abuse rates.

    Tackling larger societal issues goes beyond the classroom and the school day, however.  So to be successful, there must be collaboration between school, home and the community at large.
     The Community Task Force has been formed to act as a bridge between school and home. 
    Members of the task force are your friends and neighbors, parents, students, representatives of the business community, local government, religious organizations and service providers that together
    Community Task Force
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