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Citizen Advisors Sought
Apply NowThe Derry Township School District Board of School Directors is seeking interested citizen advisors to five board standing committees.

Citizen advisors are assigned to a specific standing committee and asked to attend its meetings.  In their advisory capacity, citizen representatives may be called upon to react to new directions and proposals, provide information and support for budget initiatives, study and analyze issues, review proposals and materials, and provide input into policies at all operational levels of the school system. Decisions and recommendations of these committees do not supplant the responsibilities of the Board of School Directors; but the experience and expertise of the citizen representatives will be respectively considered.

Applicants are being sought for spots on the Athletics & Activities (1 spot), Communications & Community Engagement (2), Curriculum Council (1), Finance (1), General Services (2) and Policy (1) committees.
Individuals seeking to serve as citizen advisors to the Board Standing Committees should have an interest in the Derry Township School District and all children; be willing to commit the necessary time required of the position; possess the ability to think objectively and independently; have an ability to work effectively as a member of a team; manifest a clear understanding of the distinct roles of the Board of Education, Standing Committee, school administration and faculty; comprehend the advisory function of the program; display experience and expertise related to the duties and functions of the particular Standing Committee; be a United States citizen, live in the District and be over 18 years of age.
Completed applications should be submitted to the district by close of business Friday, November 7, 2014. Appointments will be made after board reorganization in December and board member committee assignments are determined.

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Bulletin Board

  • Bus Drivers WantedInfo Drivers Needed
    Derry Township School District has an immediate need for bus drivers. Interested individuals may contact Dave Yarian, Director of Transportation, by phone at 566-7422.


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  • info Pennsylvania Department of EducationPDE Seeking Feedback
     The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)  is seeking public input on its” Eligible Content Review Site.” According to PDE, “Content statements define what we want our students to be able to know and do and provide the most specific description of the skills and concepts assessed on the PSSA and Keystone Exams. Eligible Content is the blueprint for the state assessments.”  PDE is currently seeking specific feedback on the English Language Arts and Mathematics Eligible Content.  MORE >>>

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  • Info   Ebola Resources for ParentsHealth Advisory EBOLA
     Ebola is a severe, often deadly illness that affects humans and non-human primates like monkeys, gorillas and chimpanzees. History’s worst outbreak of the disease is occurring now in West Africa and the U.S. recently had its first travel-related case of Ebola in Texas. 
    It is a reality that more cases could be confirmed in other states – including Pennsylvania.  The Pennsylvania Department of Health has developed materials designed to help Pennsylvania learn more about this virus, click here for information.
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  • info   Rules for Spectators at Athletic Events
     PIAA District III has adopted rules for spectators at playoff/post-season competitions and has recommended member schools also follow these restrictions during regular season competition in order to maintain a sense of continuity throughout the season.  Please note that the following apply to all Derry Township School District interscholastic athletic events:
    The presence and/or the use of balloons, whistles, and/or portable listening devices without earphones is PROHIBITED!  School officials will be requested to confiscate these items from their cheerleaders and/or the spectators from their school and community.  The use of pom-poms by cheerleaders and small portable listening devices with earphones is permitted.  

    Spectators are prohibited from removing their shirts and/or using body paint while in attendance at athletic contests.

    The principal, athletic director, coaches, team physician, team trainer, players in uniform, managers, ball holders, and statisticians will be the only persons permitted in the team box.

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  • info   Student Accident Insurance 2014-2015 School Year
      Derry Township School District does not carry medical insurance on students, but does provide parents with the opportunity to select a primary excess group insurance plan for students. To find out more info, Please <click here>

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  • Info Trojan Trading PostTrojan Trading Post
    Trojan Trading Post, the Hershey High School Store, is opening for business in 2014 and offers a variety of new and great products just for you! Visit the website at to look at the new merchandise to show your Hershey Pride! Orders are due by November 7.Trojan Trading Post
    All profits from the Trojan Trading Post goes toward the Trojan Trading Post Scholarship, which is given to a senior business student. To date, almost $3,000 in scholarships have been awarded.
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  • Cocoa PrinciplesThe COCOA Principles embody a district-wide culture where students and staff demonstrate DTSD's core beliefs of
    This area of the district website highlights and showcases the COCOA Principles in action in our district.

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  • OPPORTUNITY: First HHS Student Delegate to Attend PSBA Leadership Conference
    Senior Adam Firestone, a student representative to the DTSD Board of School Directors, participated in the Pennsylvania School Boards Association School Leadership Conference.  He is the first Student Delegate from HHS to attend the conference.

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  • OPPORTUNITY: Pennsylvania Youth Apprenticeship Program (PYAP)PYAP
    With the start of another school year, the Pennsylvania Youth Apprenticeship Program (PYAP), a partnership of Penn State Hershey Medical Center and College of Medicine, Derry Township School District and Lower Dauphin School District is back in full swing.  The PYAP program allows high school seniors the opportunity to interact with healthcare professionals in a real-work environment and to explore various healthcare professions. The students shadow at Penn State Hershey every day for an hour and a half.  Hershey High School students participating this year include Tianyu Bu, Kulsoom Durrani Saira Kothari, Emily Lewis, Jenny Rizzo,  Stephanie Williams, Zach Brandeburg, Sabrina Reill and Jay Yang

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  • Ice Bucket Challange Video COMMUNITY: Ice Bucket Challenge
    The HHS Marching Band raised over $930 for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

    Originally challenged by their friends at Lower Dauphin, the band passed on the challenge to the neighboring Palmyra and Milton Hershey bands, as well as the Conestoga Valley Band.
    This is just another way students demonstrate Community, one of the district’s COCOA Principles. 

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  • OPPORTUNITY:  Apollo Awards
    A round of applause for all the HHS students who were part of the 2014 Hershey Theatre Apollo Awards ceremony.  And a standing ovation for those musicians who performed in the HHS Production of Once Upon  a Mattress for being named  Outstanding Student Orchestra and  Coleman Dieffenbach and Kate Wenner for winning Spirit of Theater Awards for their outstanding work behind the scenes. The Hershey Theatre Apollo Awards are presented annually to recognize outstanding achievement by local high school students in their musical and play productions.
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  • OPPORTUNITY: PA Junior Academy of Science State-Level Science Fair Competition
    Alan Hwang, Grace Hwang, Agustey Mongia, Shreya Thakur, Nancy Wang, and Maggie Wu found the winning formula at the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science state-level science fair competition at Penn State University.  Each won first awards in their respective categories.

    In addition Grace, Agustey, and Nancy were each presented with a Pennsylvania Science Talent Search Award, with Grace also receiving the Pennsylvania Science Talent Search Most Outstanding Junior Award for 2014.

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  • ACADEMICS: Fourth Marking Period Honor Rolls
    Fourth Marking Period Honor Rolls for 2013-2014 have been released for Hershey Middle School and Hershey High School

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  • COMMUNITY: 6th Grade Penny Wars
    The COCOA Principles can be applied in many ways. For instance, 6th Graders at Hershey Middle School raided $1,153.26 for the local Ronald McDonald House through a “Penny War” pitting boys against girls in each of the grade’s three teams.
    The students brought in pennies to gain positive points, and they could also place silver change and dollar bills into the other team's containers for negative points. In the end the money was counted up for the donation and the gender on each team with the highest point value won.Winners: Team Hurricane boys; Team Monsoon Season girls and Team Twister girls.

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  • COMMUNITY: National Honor Society Senior Prom
    Hershey High School’s chapter of the National Honor Society created a different kind of Senior Prom with an event for the residents of Traditions of Hershey retirement facility Saturday night. Students decorated, entertained & provided snacks – and learned a few new dance moves to boot!. Events like this are just another way students demonstrate Community, one of the district’s COCOA Principles.  (See some event photos on our Facebook page)
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  • COMMUNITY: Humane Society Benefits from 3rd Graders Penny War
    The “Penny War” amongst 3rd Graders at Hershey Primary Elementary School has ended and the winner is… the Humane Society.  Students collected 40,027 pennies; 2,069 nickels; 2,840 dimes; 2,464 quarters; a 50 cent piece and 16 one dollar coins en route to amassing $2,014.  The students presented the funds to the Humane Society
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  • COMMUNITY: HMS Community Service Club
    Community is the first of the COCOA Principles. See how members of the Hershey Middle School Community Service Club have exemplified that that key characteristic this school year in this video.

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