Derry Township School District A Community Cultivating an Extraordinary Learning Environment
Making the decision to volunteer your time and talents to the students of the Derry Township School District is a very honorable one… and a decision with which we hope you will be pleased.
School volunteers enhance the educational experience in so many ways:
  • By helping to ensure that vital programs like music, sports, and the arts are available in the school
  • By working as the extra hands, ears, and hearts of teachers whose responsibilities extend to many students
  • By working to ensure the smooth operation of many school activities, we sometimes take for granted – for example, concessions at sporting events or equipment management at band competitions
  • By listening, caring, and supporting the most important person in any school – the student
Volunteer - one who voluntarily offers a service to the school district without compensation over a period of time (see categories below).
  1. Long-Term Volunteer - one who voluntarily provides a service to the school district, without compensation, from time to time throughout the entire school year. Said service does not necessarily have to be performed on consecutive days; the intent, however, is to use a long-term volunteer over an extended period of time throughout the school year. A volunteer that provides a one time service for ten (10) or more hours within a week is also considered to be long term. 
  2. Overnight/Off Campus Chaperone/Volunteer - one who voluntarily provides a service to the school district, without compensation, as a chaperone on a trip where the students leave the campus or stay overnight at a hotel, motel, school, or other arrangements approved by the school district. This includes volunteers/chaperones who offer their home to students who are visiting our community through such events as district band, state band or foreign exchange.
Visitor – one who enters the school for a specific purpose such as a conference with a teacher or administrator or to provide a one time service (such as an assembly or presentation to a class or classes). A visitor does not provide ongoing service to the school district or interact one on one with the children. A visitor does not act in a caretaking role with the children and is not left in the company of the children without approved supervision. In addition, a visitor may or may not be compensated for their services to the district as with an assembly or presentation. A visitor is not considered to be a volunteer with the District.
Needed Steps
If you decide you want to serve as a volunteer who will be in the presence of children, you will need to complete a series of steps:
  • Read the  Volunteer Manual and complete the registration form.
  • Complete the required Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearances [both the Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Form (CY-113) and Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Record Check Form (SP4-164)] through the appropriate agencies.
  • Obtain proof of a TB test from your family physician.
  • Submit paperwork (registration form, clearances, and proof of TB test) at the District Office (534-2501).
  • The Personnel Secretary will provide a Verification Form that the paperwork is in order. The volunteer may then schedule an appointment for a photo ID. This photo ID will not only enhance the safety and security for the children by providing a photo to clearly identify each volunteer, but also will expedite the sign in process each time an individual comes in to volunteer with the children.