• Welcome to Second Grade!

    Welcome to an exciting year in second grade! The second grade teachers have put together some important information for parents/guardians to read before school begins.  Thanks for taking the time to read the information carefully.  We look forward to working with your child this year.
    Communication Please feel free to contact your child's teacher if you have any questions or concerns. It is better to ask or share than to worry.  Please try to do this with a brief handwritten note, a voice mail message, or an email. The Primary office number is 531-2211 and my extension is 5025. My school email address is kblum@hershey.k12.pa.us Communication between home and school is vital to your child's success in school so please keep in touch. Thank you.
    Absences/Tardiness Please send in an excuse each time your child is absent. If your child is late for school (school starts at 8:37) please report to the office for a tardy slip before sending your child to the classroom.
    Medical Appointments Scheduling an appointment toward the end of the school day is least disruptive to your child's education.  Please send in a note on the day your child will need to be excused for an appointment. Include your child's first and last name, the teacher's name and room number, and the date.  You must sign your child out in the office before he/she can be dismissed.  Please wait for your child at the office. Teachers are not permitted to dismiss children until the office calls down to the room.
    The children receive instruction until 3:30 each day. Regularly scheduled appointments which require a 3:00 or 3:15 dismissal are disruptive to your child's education and should be avoided.  Thank you.
    Administering of Medicine Teachers can not administer any medication or cough drops.  Please send a doctor's note for any prescribed medications that your child may need during the school day.
    Transportation Changes The office must have any requests for changes in transportation in writing. If your child usually rides the bus but needs to be dismissed as a walker for parent pick-up, please send in a note with your child that day. If your bus rider needs to be dismissed as a walker on a specific day on a weekly basis (i.e., every Wednesday for REP or every Monday for piano lessons, etc) you can just send in one note explaining this at the beginning of the year. All children are dismissed from the classroom to the lobby. Students who miss their bus will be sent home on an after school run with a bus pass.  Every effort will be made to contact parents in the event of a missed bus.
    Take Home Folders Your child will receive a "Take Home Folder" on the first day of school.  As you may know, there is a great deal of information sent home during the first day of school.  Please take time to read over the information and, if necessary, complete and return papers.  We will continue to use this folder throughout the year to ease the process of passing information between home and school. After you and your child have removed all of the papers each day, your child can place any notes, papers, homework, etc., in the folder and put it back in the book bag for return to school. Please make sure to have your child involved in this process.  It's difficult for children to hand in notes and turn in homework they don't know are there. Thanks!
    Homework We have found that having a little bit of homework every day reinforces skills that have been taught and develops a routine and a sense of responsibility. These assignments will typically take no longer than 30 minutes. While there is no formal evaluation, teachers do review the homework to assess how well each child understands a particular concept.  Now is the best time to establish priorities so please encourage your child to do his/her very best work and turn in homework on time. Thank you!
    Newsletters Newsletters will be posted on Mrs.Blum's teacher page of the Derry Township School District website. The newsletter may contain information regarding upcoming events, school topics, the schedule, and ways you can help. 
    Snack We will not have a snack in school. 
    Healthy body = Healthy Mind
    Lunch Second graders have lunch in the cafeteria from 12:10-12:40 each day.  Some parents enjoy coming to school for lunch with their child. These special occasions are certainly a treat for the children!  We can protect the feelings of all children in the cafeteria by making a few considerations. We encourage parents to set a healthy example by either packing a lunch or purchasing the school lunch.
    Bringing a pizza or fast food is discouraged. Thank you!


    Recess Second graders have two recesses; a fifteen minute morning recess and a half-hour recess following lunch.  Recess is important because the children's minds work better if they have fresh air and exercise.  Recess also provides an opportunity for socialization. Game boys or other electronic games will not be permitted at recess (indoor or outdoor.) These kinds of games should be left at home because there are no opportunities to use them at school. Thank you for your support.
    Morning Drop-Off Parents who bring their second grader to school in the morning are kindly asked to say good-bye to their child in the lobby and allow him/her to walk to the classroom independently.  Second grade students are capable of getting to their classroom without the aid of a parent.  There are many teachers in the hallways helping to direct  children to their classrooms during the first few weeks of school and throughout the year.  Thanks for helping your child to be a responsible students.
    Birthdays We like to make birthdays special.  Here are some suggestions for making it a wonderful day for your child.
     You may send in non-food treats for your child to pass out to classmates (We have 21 students this year.)  Some suggestions are:  stickers, pencils, erasers, or one book donated to the class library.  
    One final request...
    If you are planning a birthday party for your child outside of school, please MAIL the invitations to your child's classmates.  We realize that it may be unreasonable to include everyone in your child's class at a birthday party, but as teachers, we need to protect the feelings of those who have not been invited.  When invitations are presented to only a few in school, the others are hurt by the exclusion.  By keeping the invitation process out of school, everyone is happier.  Thanks for your cooperation.