1. Set up a study area.

    A place to work which is well lit, quiet, and has supplies handy will help your child to successfully complete homework assignments.


    2. Create a homework survival kit.

    One of the keys to getting homework done is to have basic school supplies available such as pencils, erasers, rulers, glue, tape, and lined notebook paper.

    3. Schedule daily homework time.

    Help your child develop good homework habits by encouraging him or her to start homework at the same time each day.

    4. Encourage your child to work neatly and carefully.

    Homework teaches your child responsibility. Remind your child not to rush through homework assignments. Have your child pack their backpack in the evening rather than in the morning so everything is ready to go.

    5. Motivate you child with praise.

    Children need encouragement and support from the people they value the most--their parents. Help your child as needed and praise them for their independent effort. Your consistent praise can increase your child's self-confidence and motivate him or her to do the best work possible.