• Mr. Boyer - A Techie Grown Up

    You know what computers are like at your age. Wanna know what they were like when I was in Elementary School. Read on!

    I consider myself to be one of the first techie babies! Here's why!

         My life on computers began all the way back in 1973. I was ten years old and tagging along with my father to Manhiem Township High School. He was teaching summer computer classes there to the best and the brightest in the school district.  In joining him for these classes, I watched and got to work on computers.

         These computers were basically type writers with big spools of paper attached to them. They called them work stations, and there were about five of them in the room. These five stations shared one computer, that was located in another room. It was a huge computer, and took up about a third of the room. There were fans set up and around it to keep it cool, but it gave off so much heat the computer lab was real hot. When the computer would overheat, all the workstations would lock up. We'd have to unplug the computer, let it reset, then plug it back in after it was cool. This took about a half hour from start to finish, so no one liked when that happened.

         Every year I'd go with my dad to summer computer classes, I'd see the computer change. Soon we have little computers instead of one big one to share. A few summers later, there were monitors on the computer with green screens. Then the monitors become colored. A few years later, there were some sounds that the computer could make. A few years later, the colors were richer and the sounds more numerous. Next, a mouse became an important part of the computer and well got used to clicking instead of just using the keyboard. By 1995, the computer had hit its stride and was very similar to what you work with at school every day. Yet, while technology for a computer began to stablize, the Internet began to change and grow.

    That is another story for another time!

    Mr. Boyer