• Getting to Know Mr. Boyer
         I was born and raised in Lebanon County.  I went to South Lebanon Elementary
    School where I got to meet Mrs. Boyer.  We were in the same 5th grade class
    together, but didn't know what lied ahead for us down the road!
        I have three young children, a dog who likes to howl if anyone cries, and a love
    of tennis when the weather turns warm.  In addition to all of this, I write children's
    chapter books for a national publisher.  Click around here to learn more about my
    books and what it was like to write them!
        I grew up on computers, starting at the age of ten.  I know what it is like to be
    raised in a world of changing technology.  That's why I believe problem solving and
    a balanced approach to teaching technology are the best tools to give my students.
    The technology we are using today will change so much for this generation.  By
    asking them to problem solve now, they will develop skills that will last a lifetime.
    Want to know what computers were like when I was a kid?  Click on the link
    about when I was a Tech Baby to find out!