• Websites for learning

    This site is great for reading and comprehension. Students who have a liscense know their username and password.
    This is our reading website. Please go here to read our current story that we're working on or to practice comprehension skills.  All students have a username and password.
    This site is an excellent one for practice with math concept.  The games on this site are taught through the Everyday Math curriculum and students are familiar with them.
    This site is a fun way to read or listen to stories.  Students are able to do a short quiz following the story to practice comprehension skills.

                This site has lessons to read through on math topics, and an opportunity to practice facts.  It does not have a lot of bells and whistles.


                This site, from NCTM, has challenge questions for kids to solve.  It does not have fact practice.


                This site has lots of games that incorporate fact practice.  Engaging graphics encourage longer play.


                This site has many math fact games.  Many require a bit of skill with keyboard commands and an ability to follow directions.


                Although this is a subscription site, some fact games can be played for free.



                    This website generates fact practice worksheets according to your specifications.  It is easy to use.  Worksheets can be made for time and money as well.