• The Educationally Entertaining World of Mr. Edwards

    Hello, welcome to my homepage.  You have managed to find me so I might as well tell you what you want to know.  My name is Justin Edwards, but you can call me Mr. E.  I was born in Lebanon, PA and grew up in Annville, PA, just down the road from here.  After high school at Annville-Cleona I continued on to Elizabethtown College.  Then I started teaching 4th grade here at Hershey.  That's it.
    You're still here- you want to know more?  Well, alright.  Let's see, ah, basketball.  I love basketball.  I started playing when I was about the size of a ball.  I played in both high school and college.  My senior year in college my team was the 2nd best team from a college our size in the entire country!  That's something I'm very proud of.  After graduating I decided to try my hand at coaching. After four years playing at Etown and nine more coaching there as an assistant, I decided to move on.  I became the head coach at Annville-Cleona High School- that's right, the same place I grew up.  As my family has grown in numbers, my time has become too limited to be a head coach.  So my current position is boys' JV coach right here in Hershey.  That's it. 
    Ok, that's not really it.  Basketball's fun but teaching's what I'm really about.  Being in the classroom with 20-something students really gets me going.  Everyday I teach my students tons of cool stuff, and everyday they teach me a lot too.  They come in August bright eyed 3rd graders and leave in June ready to rule the school as 5th graders.  Reading, writing, spelling, science, and social studies, there's nothing we can't do in Room 42!  And that's it!