Remote Access

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    How to Access your "H" drive from Home
    How to access your network drive from home using a web browser

    * Please note that this will only work from a location outside the district network, such as home or a hotel

    If you would like to access your network drive from home, please try the following:

        1. Open a web browser, type in the address bar, then hit enter. 
        2. Click Yes when the security dialogue box pops up
        3. Log in using your normal network credentials
        4. If an information bar informs you that you need to install an Active X control to proceed, go ahead and install it

    You should then see your network drive’s contents. Expand your folders if necessary and select the file you want to download; double click on the file and then select Open.

    If you modify the file and want to put the new file back in your network drive, save the file locally, then select Upload Files, browse to your saved file, then click Upload. Your modified file has been uploaded to your district network drive with the date appended to it to identify it as the new file.

    You will need to delete old files on your network drive periodically to prevent running out of space.