Room 48 Student Handbook


    This gives you information on procedures that will be followed in our classroom.  Use this information when you are unsure of how to do something.

    I.  Entering the classroom upon arrival to school 

              1.  Come directly to class.

              2.  Enter the classroom quietly.

            3.  Greet others with a hello, but do not hold conversations.  
          4.  Take a bathroom break and WASH YOUR HANDS. 

              5.  Unpack and hang your backpack, facing outward.

              6.  Place lunch on bottom shelf in closet.

              7.  Musical instruments should be stored neatly under the table near the

                       “It's Your Turn”  bulletin board.

    8.  Place any notes for Mrs. Wood or the office in the pink tray on top of the

    filing cabinet.  (Make sure notes to the office have your first and last name, today’s date, and “room 48” clearly stated.)

              9. If necessary, note any dismissal changes on  the board.

              10. Sharpen 2 pencils, and fill your water bottle.

    11. Check in with Mrs. Wood to be paid for good behavior and for having your

              assignment book filled out correctly and signed/initialed by a parent.

            12. Copy homework and announcements in to your assignment book. 

              13.  Follow any directions on the board.



    II.  Entering the classroom after specials, lunch, bathroom    

            breaks, social studies, etc...)

              1.  Enter quietly. 

              2.  Go directly to your desk.

              3.  Wait for further instructions.



    III.   Lining up to leave the classroom

               1.  Wait to be called to line up.

               2.  When called to line up, walk quietly and line up under the first available

                       “smiley face”, leaving the first spot available for our Line Leader. 



    IV.   Sharing Times

                1.  At teacher’s discretion (“Talk Time”)

                2.  During lunch and recess

                3.  When it relates to the subject we are reading about or discussing

                4.  After “End of the Day” procedures are completed



    V.  Active Listening

              1.  Look at the speaker.

              2.  Keep hands empty and still.
              3.  Keep feet still.

              4.  Do not talk.



    VI.   Bathroom Breaks     * NOTE:  Incase of an emergency, these guidelines
                                                                do not need to be followed.

              1.  You may go to the bathroom only during work time and not during               


              2.  The entire class will take a bathroom break before lunch and after physical education class.

              3.  Unless the whole class is taking a bathroom break, only one boy and one

                       girl may take a bathroom break at a time.
              4.  Sign out on the clipboard by the door.

              5.  Place the appropriate bathroom pass on your desk to indicate you are

                       taking a bathroom break.

              6.  Walk quietly to the bathroom.

              7.  After using the bathroom, wash and dry your hands.

              8.  Upon your return to our classroom, sign in and return the bathroom
                       pass back to its spot on the shelf. 

    VII.  Getting the attention of the class

              1. Large Group:

                       a) Lights may be turned off, and the class has three seconds to

                                 become active listeners.

                       b) Mrs. Wood may give a clap sequence.  The class should repeat the

                                 sequence.  All students should be active listeners by the time

                                 the clap sequence has been repeated.


              2.  Small Group:

                       Mrs. Wood may raise her hand to signal "Give me five", and all members of   
                                 the group should do the same.  Members have three seconds to become
                                 active listeners.



    VIII.  Transitions between activities

                 1.  Move about the room quietly.

                 2.  Put materials in their correct locations neatly.

                 3.  Listen for further instructions.



    IX.  Finished Work

              1.  Put papers to be checked in the slot labeled for that subject.

              2.  Paper sorter will put the papers in numerical order and fasten them with

                       a paper clip.



    X.  What to do when assignment is completed

            While waiting for further instructions, you may:

              1.  Read independently.

              2.  Work on any other incomplete assignments.

              3.  Work in activity booklet.

              4.  Practice your multiplication or division facts.



    XI.  What to do when you need help

              1.  Practice assignments:

                       a) Quietly ask another group member for assistance.

                       b) If you need further assistance, raise your hand and wait for 
                                    Mrs. Wood to come to you.

              2.  Assessments:

                                 Raise your hand and wait for Mrs. Wood’s assistance.



    XII. Assessments
              1.  Use a cover sheet.

              2.  Talking stops when the first assessment is handed out.

              3.  Check your completed paper for correct answers and blank spaces.

              4.  When directed, place your paper in the correct slot ("upside down, name to the

              5.  Follow the “What to do when assignment is completed” procedures.



    XIII.  Throwing away trash

                Trash should be thrown away during transition times.


    XIV.  Phone Calls and Visitors

               When Mrs. Wood is talking with someone on the phone or in person, you may

               have QUIET “talk time” unless working on an assignment. 

               NOTE:  If this privilege is abused, it will be taken away.



    XV.  End of the Day

                1.  Move about the room quietly.

                2.  When directed, get mail and backpack.

                3.  Check for all items needed (homework papers, lunch box, etc…).

                4.  Load your backpack.

                5.  Stack your chair.

                6.  Complete your classroom job.

                7.  Sit on top of your desk or on the carpet with your backpack.

                8.  Read independently or participate in “Talk Time” quietly.

                       *If the noise level becomes too loud, the privilege of “Talk Time” will be taken away.

                9.  When you are dismissed, say "good bye” to Mrs. Wood.