• Homework for the week of November 3 - November 7       (Today is Sunday, December 4, 2022)
    Poster Presentations on Friday
    Poster Presentations on Friday
    1/2 DAY!
    Individual Patten Analaysis Collected Monday
    We are currently in Chapter 4
    ** Please send Mr. Hickethier an e.mail if you have any questions regarding any of the assignments above **
    The Algebra curriculum will emphasize the following topics this year:
    Chapter 1 Problem Solving
    (i.e. graphs, guess & check)
    Chapter 2 Variables and Proportions
    (i.e. variables, clt, expressions, equations, proportions)
    Chapter 3 Graphs and Equations
    (i.e. tables, rules/equations, graphs)
    Chapter 4 Multiple Representations
    (i.e. tables, rules/equations, graphs, figures, solving linear systems)
    Chapter 5 Multiplication and Proportions
    (i.e. generic rectangles, multi-variable equations, proportions)
    Chapter 6 Systems of Equations
    (i.e. writing equations, equal values method, substitution method, elimination method)
    Chapter 7 Linear Relationships
    (i.e. slope, writing equations)
    Chapter 8 Quadratics
    (i.e. factoring quadratic equations, zero product property, quadratic formula)
    Chapter 9 Inequalities
    (i.e. solving inequalities, graphing inequalities, systems of inequalities)
    Chapter 10 Simplifying and Solving
    (i.e. computation of rational expressions, fraction busters, absolute value, quadratic inequalities, completing the square, laws of exponents)
    Chapter 11 Functions and Relations
    (i.e. transformations, intercepts, intersections)
    Chapter 12 Algebraic Extensions
    (i.e. factoring shortcuts, computation of rational expressions, work and mixture problems)